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Armada big.png The Army and Navy are subject to the Government of the Federation and are intended to reflect the external threat to the free worlds. One of the largest naval associations is the Great Armada, which is in constant combat readiness and is in full force patrolling the Federation's territory. When individual ships are sent to the shipyard for repairs, their place in the line is immediately replaced by another without fail... the Armada never decays. Such a large force, ready to strike with the "fist of retribution", can even challenge the Empire, who's fleet is much larger. This causes both the Empire and Jericho to respect the sovereignty of the Federation.

Faction Equipment

Armada loyalty vouchers can be used to upgrade:

Name Ship Type
Plasma Gun Interceptor
Singularity Cannon Fighter
RepairKitM Rest/Surv
IR Flares Rest/Surv
Orion Targeting System CovOp
White Noise Jammer CovOp
Plasma Arc CovOp
Adaptive Camo CovOp
Self-Destruct CovOp
Particle Purge GunShip
Inertial Stabilizer N/A
Catalyst Injector N/A
Auxiliary Generator N/A
Iridium Heat-sinks N/A
Leak Stabilizer N/A
Submatter Shield N/A
Horizon Module N/A

Treatment of the Great Armada

We welcome you, the citizen of the free world!

We invite you to join the Great Armada - the largest union in the studied space warships.

Our goal - to protect and spread of freedom and democracy.

We are called to rebut the Emperor's tyranny and fanaticism Jericho.

Our opponents do not give up, and actively explore the Sectors Forerunners.

Our task is to prevent them from using the inheritance of ancient civilizations of space to destroy our freedom.

Armada offers you to join its ranks.

Having signed a contract with us, you will confirm their commitment to freedom, able to fly on warships equipped with the best shields and still get a good salary and share in production.

Armada in defense of Freedom!