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Command.png Command ships are the front line fighter role. They are tougher than gunships and tacklers, and their special Diffusion Shield ability allows them to absorb a large amount of damage for a short time. Their active modules revolve around buffing their own and their allies' offense and defense.

The command ship is designed to take a beating while buffing allies. You should usually make sure you're near allies so that your buffs give the greatest benefit to the team. The command ship has the lowest offensive ability of all of the fighter roles, but its defensive capabilities allow it to weather incoming fire well. The Coating Polarizer and Aegis System have fairly long ranges, allowing them to sit slightly behind the main line of the battle while still providing their allies the full effect of their defensive buffs. Do not make the mistake of attacking a group of enemies head-on in a command fighter, trusting in your defensive capabilities, as concentrated firepower will easily tear through your diffusion shield and resistances only do so much in the face of heavy fire.

Jericho are the primary manufacturers of command ships, but the Empire also produce several types. Empire command ships have stronger hulls, while Jericho have stronger shields. The Empire Legion and Jericho Techs are the subfactions that offer Mk 3 command modules.


Diffusion Shield

The Diffusion Shield is an ability that, when activated, causes damage taken to drain capacitor instead of deal damage. It deactivates after 15 seconds or when the player runs out of energy. For every 8 points of damage received, 1 energy point is lost. The Diffusion Shield is unaffected by resistance stats.

Coating Polarizer.png Aegis System.png Shield Havoc module.png Valkyrie System.png Gravi-scanner.png

Coating Polarizer and Aegis System

The Coating Polarizer and Aegis System increase the hull and shield resistances respectively of the command ship and all nearby ships, and like a Gravi-Scanner have 2 modes - passive and active, effect is much stronger during active phase.

Valkyrie System

The Valkyrie System greatly increases base weapon damage for the command ship and all nearby allies.


The Gravi-scanner is a spead aura, in passive mode slightly increasing the speed of command and all team mates in range, and in active mode speed bonus is greatly increased.

Shield Havoc

This is a bane of Jericho module, creates energy cloud at targets location and after a slight delay will start destroying shields off all ships (including allies!) within the cloud, this effect does not have a flat dmg number, it is persetnage based and can burn up to 70% of targets shield points regardless if it [Interceptors] or Destroyers

Player Opinion and Gameplay

The Command fighter is one of the best fighters to start of with as a new player. It's over-shield is effectively a third health bar, and all of the buffs it gets is not only good for the player, but immensely helpful for any nearby teammates as well. Buffing teammates nets Command players small amounts of bonus synergy, making it a good ship type for grinding.