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Sector Conquest represents battles between corporations on the sector map. For conquering and holding a location the corporation will earn an income.


Dreadnought is a huge warship with great destructive power capable of independent jumps between locations. It has complex weapons and control systems. Dreadnoughts are both carriers for corporation fleets and ships with powerful weapons that can damage an enemy dreadnought. Construction of a dreadnought is a long and expensive process that is only available to corporations.

Each corporation can have 3 dreadnoughts, but fighting for one of the sides of the conflict. Affiliation is determined by the dreadnought used. When changing the dreadnought, all previously gained influence is lost.

Dreadnoughts have different systems that can be built and damaged in battle. Dreadnoughts carry wings with corporate and hired pilots. Dreadnoughts have their own weapons: torpedoes, drones and cannons of various calibres. Pilots can't harm dreadnoughts directly.

A dreadnought can't be destroyed in battle. The defeated side's dreadnought is evacuated to its current base.

Dreadnoughts can jump between locations. Dreadnoughts launch into battle from their current base and return afterwards. Iridium is required for location jumps. The greater the distance, the more iridium is needed.

Types of dreadnoughts

There are 3 types of dreadnoughts in 3 main factions of the conflict.



Imperial dreadnought model. Equipped with strong weaponry that deals higher damage to enemy dreadnought.

Shield strength 500 000 000 pts.
Shield regeneration 8 000 000 pts./s
Main caliber damage 23 250 000 pts./s
Fleet points 2 000 pts.



This model has powerful attack drones able to deal significant damage to the enemy dreadnought's support fleet.

Shield strength 600 000 000 pts.
Shield regeneration 6 000 000 pts./s
Main caliber damage 20 930 000 pts./s
Fleet points 2 500 pts.



Built by Jericho Techs. Equipped with powerful shields able to withstand punishment for a longer period of time.

Shield strength 660 000 000 pts.
Shield regeneration 10 000 000 pts./s
Main caliber damage 20 930 000 pts./s
Fleet points 2 000 pts.

Dreadnought building

Federation shipyard

Each corporation has its own shipyard that can build a dreadnought. Cost of building — 6'500 Iridium.png. Each stage of the construction takes from a few days to a week, depending on iridium boosts. Please note! Iridium will be required at all stages of construction! Treat it diligently!

  • 1 stage: Dock construction. Cost - 500 Iridium.png.
  • 2 stage: Interspacial warp-accelerator mounting. Cost - 1'500 Iridium.png.
  • 3 stage: Control system installation. Cost - 2'000 Iridium.png.
  • 4 stage: Mounting weaponry and construction completion. Cost - 2'500 Iridium.png.

Every stage without accelerating lasts 16 hours 48 minutes. By accelerating with 20 times more iridium building can be reduced in 4 times.

Corporate shipyard is situated in a separate location, that can't be visited by strangers. Location is close to the station. You can visit the location on a regular ship.

Dreadnought battle

Last stage of building

Main article: Sector Conquest Guide.

Requires a corporation wing (5-8 pilots) with a dreadnought in a contested location, or the squad leader (1-4 pilots) to be in a corporation with a dreadnought.

When registration for a battle ends, the dreadnought battle itself begins. Each dreadnought has a certain number of fleet points. Dreadnoughts release drones. Each dreadnought is equipped with 3 main caliber weapons and several additional medium weapons. These weapons only attack the dreadnought of the enemy. More powerful dreadnoughts can be equipped with torpedo launchers (the dreadnought launches powerful torpedoes that need to be shot down, the torpedo has 7500 life points, does great damage to the enemy's dreadnought), holders of EM bombs, light turrets (plasma and missile), armor-piercing charges and additional shield generators. Dreadnoughts have 3 important modules: weapon cooling system, shield emitter and command tower, which can be turned off as beacons or cut down by EM bombs.

The battle is fought until the expiration of the time (12 minutes) or until the loss of all fleet points. The loser dreadnought retreats.

The number of fleet points, which are taken away under different conditions:

Drone destroyed 1
Player destroyed 25
Turret destroyed 3
Additional module destroyed 10
Torpedo hit 50
Losing weapon cooler or shield emitter 200
Losing command tower 200-300

Battle results. Owning a location

Ownership is determined by influence points obtained from the enemy dreadnought in battle (+50% of your dreadnought's remaining durability after an early victory). Influence points are divided among players proportionally to their efficiency.

Daily the owner loses 20% of influence and the challengers lose 10% and reduce the owner's influence.

The owner gets 40% location resources while the challengers get the rest according to their influence in the location.

The reward obtained by the corporation is divided between the corporation pilots according to the earned influence points.

Influence points and rewards for wing-against-wing battles are doubled.

A corporation that owns a sector can turn off the PvE-mode (1000 Iridium.png) in it for 12 hours, and its pilots can move into the sector instantly not for iridium, but for free.

With any loot collected in Open Space, the owner corporation receives a reward in corporate iridium.

Dreadnought battle panorama

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