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[[File:Brave blueprint art image.jpg|right]]
[[File:Brave blueprint art image.jpg|right]]
==Unique perks==
==Unique characteristics==
* The toughest class in the game
* The toughest class in the game
* 12 Turrets (no more than 6-8 can shoot at the same time)
* 12 Turrets (no more than 6-8 can shoot at the same time)

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Brave blueprint art image.jpg

Unique characteristics

  • The toughest class in the game
  • 12 Turrets (no more than 6-8 can shoot at the same time)
  • 2 control modes: Classic and Free Aim
  • Can be customised and adapted to various play styles
  • Native explosion dmg vulnerability - all incoming explosion dmg is doubled
  • Native control effects vulnerability - duration of all control effects (Stasis, Ion Beam, White Noise, etc) is doubled
  • Various parts of the ship can be destroyed under focused fire. How it works (YouTube)



Destroyer - heavy battleship that has high survivability and threatening fire power. The general purpose of Destroyers is a fire support of friendly offencive divisions. Destroyers have 12 weapon turrets located around the hull and technically do not have “blind spots”, but no more than 8 guns can shoot at the same time due to the firing angles of each turret, so keep this is in mind when looking at weapon dmg stat in game - it shows for all 12 turrets, that never happens. There are 3 modifications of Destroyers: - Empire, Federation and Jericho. They aren't carbon copies of each other and have very distinctive differences.


Manufacturing process is pretty much the same as other Secret Project ships in the game - you have to gather materials to craft required amount of ship parts (engine/capacitor/shield/hull/cpu) difference is that instead of Internal structure component used in Secret Project ships, you will have to create Destroyers internal structure components, and of course pay a certain amount of credits for assembly.



VIII Suppressor.png Invincible

XII Suppressor.png Brave

Emp suppr r14.png
XIVSuppressor.png emp_suppr_r14


VIII Suppressor.png Procyon

XII Suppressor.png Antares

XIV Suppressor.png Sirius


VIII Suppressor.png Archon

XII Suppressor.png Sibyl

Jer suppr r14.png
XIV Suppressor.png jer_suppr_r14