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Empire.png The Empire is a great war machine, steadfast in its submission to the leader. This faction’s policy is aimed at expansion: expanding the boundaries of the Emperor’s power is their main priority.

The Empire’s strength comes from the best navy in the universe. The magnificent ships are characterized by high wear resistance and combat capability. They are equipped with the best offensive and defensive techniques in their field, which were developed by the faction’s scientific cabinet. Representatives of the Empire are very interested in technology, particularly military technology. The cabinet of scientists, which is formed by the best minds in the universe, is generously sponsored—Imperials don’t skimp on innovations. However, the Empire isn’t interested in sharing these technical innovations with the masses.

The army is the pride of every Imperial, and a successful military career is essential for anyone who hopes to achieve a high-powered position. Representatives of this faction command respect with fortitude, the ability to stand up for themselves, and solidarity. The appearance of members of the Empire is exactly the same as their character. According to them, one’s clothes should be functional and reflect the owner’s status.

Proud and strong, loyal to the Emperor and ready to conquer the universe every day of the year, Imperials are one of the universe’s strongest factions.

Characteristics of Empire Ships

Empire ships are characterised by:

  • Strong Hulls
  • High Firepower
  • Weak Shields
  • Weak Capacitor
  • Low Speed and Agility.

All in all a good choice for those who prefer brute force over subtlety.

The Empire's primary ship roles are Long Range Frigates, Gunships and Recons. Their secondary roles are Engineering, Command and ECM.

The Empire factions
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Legion Wardens