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Factions are the various ethnic groups for which the player can fly. There are three basic factions that you can join in the space of Star Conflict, the Empire, the Federation and the Jericho. When starting the game, you initially join a faction and you will be based at that faction's station.

Each faction has a unique history and includes it's own feel, gameplay, and philosophy, as well as unique faction bonuses and ships. While each faction has a general game play style, ships, unique to that faction, can be flown the way the pilot prefers. And they can also be further modified to tailor the individual pilot's style.

General information

In the game there are three factions you can join. Each of these, has two sub-factions. When you start the game, you initially have to choose your faction of origin. This choice only determines your starting ship and the origin shown in your profile. Further in the game, as a full blown mercenary, you can choose to contract for any sub-faction you please after you start. Moving to another faction's station (either by paying currency or flying there yourself through Open Space) will change your loyalty to the new faction.

Every major faction has its own ship tree, which is unlocked through Synergy progression.

The subfactions are important, too. Completing contracts for them will reward you with Loyalty vouchers which can be cashed in to upgrade your ship's equipment from Mark I (Mk 1) to Mk 5 level.

The player can mix ships, weapons and modules from any faction once they are obtained with no restrictions.

Factions and Subfactions

The 3 main factions have 2 subfactions, each.

The Empire

Main article Empire. See also Legion and Wardens.

Faction Bonus

Legendary Reputation : +5% to Loyalty gain

Imperial Tactics  : +1% to main weapon damage

Faction Traits

The Empire focuses on armor plating, making it's ships hulls very tough. Unfortunately, this means that there is little room for shield generators. Using an energy rerouting process, we can increase the damage your weapons do at the cost of energy reserves. Lastly, due to their toughness and the fact that extra energy is routed to the guns, the engines are slightly underpowered, making Empire ships among the slowest of the three factions.

Weapon specialty: Thermal weapons.

+ Pros

Powerful guns.
Great hull health.

- Cons

Low shield health.
Low capacitor charge.
Moderate speed.

General Playstyle : Straightforward attacks and sustained damage.



The Empire is a great war machine, steadfast in its submission to the leader. This faction’s policy is aimed at expansion: expanding the boundaries of the Emperor’s power is their main priority.

The Empire’s strength comes from the best navy in the universe. The magnificent ships are characterized by high wear resistance and combat capability. They are equipped with the best offensive and defensive techniques in their field, which were developed by the faction’s scientific cabinet. Representatives of the Empire are very interested in technology, particularly military technology. The cabinet of scientists, which is formed by the best minds in the universe, is generously sponsored—Imperials don’t skimp on innovations. However, the Empire isn’t interested in sharing these technical innovations with the masses.

The army is the pride of every Imperial, and a successful military career is essential for anyone who hopes to achieve a high-powered position. Representatives of this faction command respect with fortitude, the ability to stand up for themselves, and solidarity. The appearance of members of the Empire is exactly the same as their character. According to them, one’s clothes should be functional and reflect the owner’s status.

Proud and strong, loyal to the Emperor and ready to conquer the universe every day of the year, Imperials are one of the universe’s strongest factions.

The Federation

Main article Federation. See also Armada and Vanguard.

Faction Bonus

Galactic Trade Center : +5% to credit income

Advanced Engineering : +2% to hull and shield strength

Faction Traits

The Federation focuses on comfort and style, while retaining the ability to defend itself. This means getting to where you want to go quickly and efficiently. However, having large, energy-draining engines means getting a big generator, which means less space for weapons and armor.

Weapon Specialty: EM weapons.

+ Pros

Very high speed.
Great capacitor charge.

- Cons

Mediocre weapon damage.
Hull and shield health are both very low

General Playstyle : Hit-and-Run attacks and special tactics.



The Federation is also known as the Alliance of Free Worlds. Representatives of this faction bow to no one, but have paid for their freedom with centuries of bloody wars against the Empire.

There is no rigid power structure or clear hierarchy in the Alliance. This faction doesn't pursue a policy of aggressive expansion (except the expansion of the mind), but from time to time accept free men into their ranks when one star system or another decides to throw off the yoke of the Empire. Trade is the Federation’s power and there no place in the known universe that was occupied by another faction without a Federation representative getting there first—whether to mine, sell, or explore the potential market.

The Federation cares about the development of technology. Its high quality ships are well equipped, speedy, and convenient for travel and transporting goods. Men of the Federation use weapons primarily for self-protection, which is why the Federation keeps developing portable and stationary devices to generate solid force fields.

As for their appearance, members of the Federation are known as rather democratic personalities. Expensive fabrics of superior design, exceptional comfort, and some extravagance distinguish their favorite apparel. However, in striving for the perfect appearance, members of the Alliance don’t neglect defense, hiding portable generators and power fields in their belts, or venom locators and virtual maps in their rings...

Their desire for security, taste for moderate adventure, love of luxury, and exceptional nose for profit are the main features that characterize representatives of the Federation faction.

The Jericho

Main article Jericho. See also Raid and Techs.

Faction Bonus

Cybernetic Enhancements : +5% to Synergy gain

Advanced Systems : +2% to missile damage

Faction Traits

With advancements in technology, we have made powerful shielding and computer systems for our ships. We also use our technology to enhance energy efficiency as well. All the technological improvements take up space, however. In order to have room for our ship systems, we must remove all but the outside shell of the ship's hull.

Weapon Specialty : Kinetic Weapons.

+ Pros

Best shield health of the factions.
Good Missiles.
Good capacitor charge.

- Cons

Fragile hull health.
Better speed than the Empire, but less than the Federation.

General Playstyle : Well-rounded combat and technological warfare (special shielding, ECM, etc.).



The heirs of people who were long ago banished from the Earth, Jericho are quite suspicious of and harsh toward strangers. Forced to live for a long time on huge spaceships flying into the unknown, the representatives of this faction have worked hard to improve their technology, and now Jericho is the most technically equipped faction.

It’s worth noting that the men of Jericho are different from the other descendants of humanity, too. For centuries, this faction led development in the field of cybergenetics, resolving various disadvantages of the physical human body with complex implants that helped them in their struggle for survival.

Starting in early childhood, the Jericho modify their bodies, and this process seems so natural to them that people who don't use implants are met with scornful surprise. They put their faith into the success of technological development—and it has paid off.

Jericho have survived, conquered numerous planets, and returned to avenge those who drove them out. Will this faction justify its name? Will the people of Jericho allow the wall of misunderstanding that separates them from the rest of the world to fall? Time will tell...