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Arcade (PvP)

Player have unlimited numbers of respawns and can take part in these type of matches:


In this Mode each Team has 3 reinforced Stations, that cannot be captured. The only way to destroy them is to use an EMP-Bomb. These Bomb can be found on the battlefield, floating in space.
To pick up a Bomb, fly close to it and your ship will start to pick it up. This may take a few seconds. If you successfully loaded the bomb on your ship, you will be the Bomber that needs to place the Bomb. But the extra weight and radiation of the Bomb will slow your ship down. In Adittion to that, the Enemy Team will know who has the Bomb and will try to steal it!
If bomb carrier decide to use Special Modules like Overdrive, Chameleon or Tachyon Cocoon, he will lose the Bomb and it can be stolen by the Enemy.
To place the Bomb simply fly close to an Enemy Station, if close enough the Bomb will be set up and you have 3 seconds to flee from it. After that, the Station and its close surroundings will be blown up. Area of the explosion is big enough to damage or even destroy nearby ships.
To achieve Victory one team must destroy all Enemy Stations. If both teams fail to do so then Team with more Bomb pick ups becomes a winner.


In this Mode you will find 3 neutral Beacons on the map. Each Team starts with 100 Points.
Taking more than 1 Beacon will decrease the Points of the Enemy Team over time. Taking all 3 Beacons will make the Enemy suffer and loosing lots of Points in very short time.
Destroying Enemy Ships will also reduce the Points of the Enemy Team, so even with a Beacon lost you can still achieve Victory.
Destruction of an ally will also reduce the Points of your Team! So watch out when using Weapons for Massdestruction.

Combat Reconnaissance

In this Game Mode every Team will randomly select a Player and make him the Team Captain.
The Captain is able to see any Enemy Ship in Battle, no matter if it is Cloaked or in cover of an Obstacle. The Captain allows the Team to respawn again if your Ship is destroyed. :Loosing the Captain will prevent further resapawns and the remainig Ships need to Survive in order to achieve Victory.
Squadrons of Ships will hunt the Captain and you need to protect him, moreover you need to kill the Enemy Captain to prevent the return of any killed Enemy. Victory will be given to :the Team with more Kills or if the Team Captain is still alive.

Realistic (PvP)

In this Game Mode player have number of respawns limited to amount of ships in his roster. Once your ship is destroyed you can't use it again in the match.
Available battle types:

Capture the beacon

In this Mode, every Team has 3 Beacons protected by Guard Drones. To gain controle of the Sector you must capture the Enemy Beacons, while defending your own ones.
To do this, you need to destroy the Guard Drones of an Enemy Beacon and fly close to it. Your Ship will start hacking the Beacon Systems and if enough Time given, the Beacon will be disabled. To prevent the loss of an Beacon you can assist its Firewall and restarting the Systems if you are close enough. The current durability of a Beacon is displayed for booth Sides. Gurad Drones cannot be started again if they are destroyed. To stop hacking a Beacon you can also attack the hacking Ship.
The Fleet will not be able to compensate any losses and you can only use the Ships you have taken into Battle. Any loss will weaken the Fleet and upon loosing all Beacons or all Ships the Battle is lost.

Scenario (PvE)

In this Game Mode 4 players cooperate fighting against large groups of NPCs.

Practice [With players]

You won't find any Bots here and you won't gain any reward.
Its purpose is to give players a chance to improve their flight skills by training with other pilots.

Practice [Solo Fight]

This Game Mode is recommended for new players to learn the game basics before entering a real fight. You will fight against a team of bots, but you won't gain any reward.