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===Characteristics of Jericho Ships===
===Characteristics of Jericho Ships===
*Strong Shields
*Strong Shields
*Strong Capacitor
*Strong Capacitor

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The heirs of people who were long ago banished from the Earth, Jericho are quite suspicious of and harsh toward strangers. Forced to live for a long time on huge spaceships flying into the unknown, the representatives of this faction have worked hard to improve their technology, and now Jericho is the most technically equipped faction. Jericho's ships are fast and maneuverable. Their arms are not only superior in design to those of the other factions, but also differ from them in many ways.

It’s worth noting that the men of Jericho are different from the other descendants of humanity, too. For centuries, this faction led development in the field of cybergenetics, resolving various disadvantages of the physical human body with complex implants that helped them in their struggle for survival.

Starting in early childhood, the Jericho modify their bodies, and this process seems so natural to them that people who don't use implants are met with scornful surprise. They put their faith into the success of technological development and it has paid off.

Jericho have survived, conquered numerous planets, and returned to avenge those who drove them out. Will this faction justify its name will the people of Jericho allow the wall of misunderstanding that separates them from the rest of the world to fall? Time will tell.

Characteristics of Jericho Ships

Jericho faction intro img.png
  • Strong Shields
  • Strong Capacitor
  • Average Speed and Agility
  • Weak Hull

Jericho ships are middle-of-the-road between the Empire's strength and the Federation's speed. In contrast to the Empire their durability is given by shield rather than hull strength.

Jericho's primary ship roles

Their secondary roles are

Jericho factions



Almost all of the Jericho families have their own fighting forces, some of which were contributed to a collective force of elite pilots called Raiders. Under the command of Bartle himself, the Raiders launched daring attacks against foes from bases of Jericho into the depths of space. After their defeat at the hands of the Vanguard and the death of Bartle, the society of Jericho is no longer monolithic. Jericho is now run by a council of the most wealthy and powerful of the families, who consolidate their forces into one force, commanded by various family leaders. Raid is now the elite of the Jericho pilots, directed by the Board of Families. For the Jericho, earning the right to represent their family as a member of the elite Raid is a great honor, and so Raiders allocate their best ships and pilots. Raider ships have a bold red and black color scheme to show their status.



Initially, during the reign of Bartle, Jericho warships designated "Technologists" were designed at the shipyards owned by various families. These ships were built to be the most technologically advanced ships of the time. After the collapse of the Jericho command system, resulting from the death of Bartle, the best Jericho ship designers kept to themselves. Now they own their own production facilities and are ready to build advanced ships for pilots of the various families. Among their recent achievements include a mind-interface control system, meaning that the pilot actually merges with the ship's systems, allowing greater control and precision. Jericho ships that use the most advanced technology available are displayed with their black and yellow styling, signifying their "Tech" status.