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Legion.png The elite of the Imperial Space Navy is the undefeated Legion, a large body of troops created at the dawn of the fleet under the command of the Emperor. The Legion, who had a different name then, was able to rout the forces Direktoriuma and never lost a fight with the Jericho. Since then, they were called the Invincible Legion. They always select only the best officers and pilots. Over the centuries it turned into a huge force of military-technical personnel, with its own laboratories, design offices, and manufacturing facilities. Scientific and technical potential of the Legion can produce its own models of spacecraft.

Faction Equipment

Legion loyalty vouchers can be used to upgrade:

Name Ship Type
Heavy Blaster Frigate
Pulse Laser Interceptor
Repair Kit L Rest/Surv
Spy Drones Recon
Coating Polarizer Command
Gravi-Scanner Command
Aiming Overcharge Gunship
Engine Overcharge Gunship
Nanodrone Cloud Engineer
Combat Re-boot Gunship
Energy Absorber Interceptor(ECM)
Multi-phase Generator N/A
EM Insulator N/A
Reactive Armor N/A
Passive Armor N/A
Lightweight Hull N/A
Regenerative Coating N/A