Magnetic mine

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Magnetic mine

Magnetic mine

Type: Magnetic mine

Available ranks: 13 - 17.

A mine pursues the current target at 250 m./s.

Deals 90% more damage to aliens and 15% more damage to 'Ellydium' ships.

Cost: Manufacturing (10 pcs.)

10 Xenocrystals
10 Iridium.png

Damage dealt
to interceptors/fighters/frigates/destroyers
13-17 ranks: 5940 / 9000 / 11250 / 15750 dmg.

For ship type
Role scout.png Role recon.png ECM.png

Deals thermal damage
Explosion radius: 70 m.
Trigger radius: 150 m.
Recharge: 10 s.
Charges in cartridge: 3 pcs.
Cartridge reloading time: 120 s.

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