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{{FIGHTER__EQUIPMENT | shipRank=15 | dataWeapons=1 }}
{{FIGHTER__EQUIPMENT | shipRank=15 | dataWeapons=1 }}
=== Gunship ===
=== Gunship ===
{{GUNSHIP_EQUIPMENT | shipRank=15 | shipRole=Gunship | ShipName=All | dataWeapons=1 }}
=== Tackler ===
=== Tackler ===
{{TACKLER_EQUIPMENT | shipRank=15 | shipRole=Tackler | ShipName=All | dataWeapons=1 }}
=== Command ===
=== Command ===
{{COMMAND_EQUIPMENT | shipRank=15 | shipRole=Command | ShipName=All | dataWeapons=1 }}
== Frigates ==
== Frigates ==

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Plasma Gun 17 Pulse Laser 17 Shrapnel Cannon 17 RF Blaster 17 Phase Suppressor 17 Skrahgun.png


Covert Ops




Ion Emitter 17 Singularity Cannon 17 Assault Railgun 17 Gauss Cannon 17 Flux Phaser 17 Thilith Beam gun.png






Beam Cannon 17 Heavy Blaster 17 Positron Cannon 17 Coil Mortar 17 Mass Driver 17 Dagtnith gun.png Vulcan 17

Long Range



Guns are the main weapon used by ships. There are 15 different types of guns in the game, 4 for each ship class - frigate, fighter and interceptor - and 3 that can only be used by specific roles.

All guns have infinite ammunition, at least during a battle, but most guns firing is limited by heat build up. Firing for too long with weapons that can overheat will cause your weapons to lock up until they have cooled down again! You will also need to pay Credits when you get back in the hangar to reload your preferred ammunition.

Information about the other weapons available to ships can be found on the Rockets and Special Weapons pages.

Interceptor Guns

Pulse Laser

The Pulse Laser is a short range instant hit thermal weapon. Unlike other lasers, the Pulse Laser is not very accurate, and has significant spread. Mk 3 Pulse Lasers are manufactured by the Legion.

Shrapnel Cannon

The Shrapnel Cannon is a shotgun-like kinetic weapon. If all of the projectiles hit, it does tremendous burst damage, but it suffers from high spread, especially if fired several times in succession. Mk 3 Shrapnel Cannons are available from the Techs.

Rapid Fire Blaster

The RF Blaster is a short range, fast firing EM weapon. Mk 3 RF Blasters are available from the Vanguard.

Plasma Cannon

The Plasma Cannon is the longest range interceptor weapon, but is still only medium range when compared with weapons as a whole. Its main distinguishing feature is that unlike other weapons, it becomes more accurate the longer the fire button is held down, rather than less. The Armada sell mk 3 Plasma Cannons.

Kinetic Supercharger

The Kinetic Supercharger is a gun that fires small kinetic projectiles to medium range that detonate in a small explosion. It can only be equipped by ECM interceptors. Mk 3 Kinetic Superchargers are available from the Techs.

Phase Suppressor

The Phase Suppressor is a thermal weapon that reduces the target's hull and shield regeneration.

Scatter Gun

A short-ranged EM weapon that fires a burst of plasma that homes in on the nearest target aimed at. Recon use only.

Fighter Guns

Assault Railgun

The Assault Railgun is a fast firing, medium range, medium damage kinetic weapon. It is a suitable weapon against most targets, though it doesn't excel in any particular situation. Mk 3 Assault Railguns are made by the Raid faction.

Assault Railguns are the only main weapons available to Rank 1 Fighter class ships.

Gauss Cannon

The Gauss Cannon is a long range, slow firing kinetic weapon with fast projectile speed. Its long range makes it a good sniping weapon, and its fast projectile speed makes it effective against interceptors, but its low overall damage will leave it struggling to take down heavily tanked ships like frigates. Mk 3 Gauss Cannons are available from the Techs.

Singularity Cannon

The Singularity Cannon is the opposite of the Gauss Cannon. It fires very slow EM projectiles with a short-to-medium range that do high damage, making it effective against frigates and other slow ships, but difficult to use against speedier opponents. Singularity Cannon blasts are rather large and travel through ships, allowing a degree of area effect damage. Mk 3 Singularity Cannons are sold by the Armada.

Ion Emitter

The Ion Emitter is an instant-hit laser-like thermal weapon. It lowers the damage resistance of its target while you keep it trained on them. The resistance debuff makes this weapon very deadly against frigates, especially guard frigates. Mk 3 Ion Emitters are available from the Wardens.


The Gravi-beam is an instant-hit laser-like thermal weapon that can only be used by Tacklers. It lowers the max speed of its target while you keep it trained on them. The Armada sell Mk 3 Gravi‑beams.


A long-range EM weapon that launches a single Plasma bubble that can follows the player's crosshair.


A duel-firing EM weapon. Pressing the fire button will launch a fast EM charge with a quick reload. Holding the fire button will launch a more damaging, slower-flying energy sphere that takes longer to reload. Hitting a slow sphere with a fast charge causes a large explosion. Command use only.

Frigate Weapons

Beam Cannon

The Beam Cannon is a medium-to-long range instant hit thermal laser. It is easy to use and effective against most opponents, but its damage is not very high. The Wardens make mk 3 Beam Cannons.

Beam Cannons are the only main weapons available to Rank 1 Frigate class ships.

Coil Mortar

The Coil Mortar is a medium range gun that fires kinetic explosives. The explosives' projectile speed is low, but they do area effect damage. Note that this means the coil mortar will damage the user if used against a target at point blank range. Mk 3 Coil Mortars are available from the Raid faction.

Positron Cannon

The Positron Cannon fires high speed, long range EM projectiles with a low rate of fire. The positron cannon can be charged, making it more accurate and more damaging. The Vanguard manufacture mk 3 Positron Cannons.

Heavy Blaster

The Heavy Blaster fire a shotgun-like blast of thermal projectiles. Its fire rate and spread increase dramatically the longer the fire button is held down. This allows it to saturate an arc in front of the frigate, but it lacks accuracy while doing so. If the pilot fires in bursts it can track targets better, but its damage will be low. The Legion sell mk 3 Heavy Blasters.

Eclipse Launcher

The Eclipse Launcher fires projectiles of nanodrones that deal EM damage to enemies they hit and restore hull to friendlies. This weapon can only be equipped on Engineers. Its downside is low damage and quick overheating. Mk 3 Eclipse Launchers are avalable from the Vanguard.


A thermal weapon that damages nearby enemies within 1000m of the target. Guard use only.

Mass Driver

A rapid-fire kinetic weapon. Projectile speed increases with sustained fire.