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Raid.png Almost all of the Jericho families have their own fighting forces, some of which were contributed to a collective force of elite pilots called Raiders. Under the command of Bartle himself, the Raiders launched daring attacks against foes from bases of Jericho into the depths of space. After their defeat at the hands of the Vanguard and the death of Bartle, the society of Jericho is no longer monolithic. Jericho is now run by a council of the most wealthy and powerful of the families, who consolidate their forces into one force, commanded by various family leaders. Raid is now the elite of the Jericho pilots, directed by the Board of Families. For the Jericho, earning the right to represent their family as a member of the elite Raid is a great honor, and so Raiders allocate their best ships and pilots.

Raider ships have a bold red and black color scheme to show their status.

Faction Equipment

Raid loyalty vouchers can be used to upgrade:

Name Ship Type
Assault Rail-gun Frigate
Coil Mortar Frigate
Shield Booster S Rest/Surv
Multi-Phase Shield Adapter Rest/Surv
Ion Diffuser Interceptor(ECM)
Static Generator Interceptor(ECM)
Weapon System Inhibitor Interceptor(ECM)
Inhibitor Beam Tackler
Sentry Drone Tackler
Weapon OverCharge LRF
Tachyon Charge LRF
Emergency Barrier N/A
Capacitor Power Relay N/A
EM Diffuser N/A
Variative Shield Projector N/A
Asynchronous Shield Projector N/A
Adaptive Shield N/A
Overclocked CPU N/A
Targeting Tracking Co-processor N/A