Rank 3 Unlocks

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Ranks 3 Requires 7200 Reputation


Assault plasma cannons T1 Mk.III

DPS[EM]: 322 dmg/s

Damage[EM]: 97dmg

Rate of Fire: 200Rounds/min

Critical Chance: 5%

Projectile Speed: 1750m/s

Range of Fire: 3000m

Spread: 1.4deg

Full Overheat/Cool: 12/4.5sec

Plasma Cannon with overheating

Price: 90000

Missle Bay

Standard Missles T1 Mk.III

Blast (thermal): 2243

Recharge: 6sec

Explosion radius: 100m

Flight range: 5280

Flight speed: 940m/sec

Maneuvering speed: 60deg/sec

Guided Medium-range Missiles. Medium thermal damage

Price: 300

Active Modules

Fighter hull Maintenance T1 Mk.III

Achilies targeting complex T1 Mk.III

Passive Modules

Battle Scanner T1 Mk.III