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Recon.png Recon interceptors are mobile support interceptors, designed to counter cloaked ships and capture isolated beacons.

The Empire are the recon specialists, but the Federation also produce several models. Federation recons are built for speed and maneuverability, while Empire recons are tougher, and usually have capability to have stronger sensors and see further, acting as combat AWACS, due to slots layout and passive bonuses. Modules are produced by the Wardens and Legion sub-factions.

Recons are a tricky role to master. Their damage ability isn't up to the standard of covert ops interceptors, and they don't have the ECM interceptors' disabling abilities, making them arguably the weakest interceptor in a straight fight. However their bag of tricks is varied and deep, allowing them to debuff key targets, disable cloaks in an area and cloak themselves to escape if things go wrong. Finally, their MWD ability gives them unparalleled mobility, allowing them to capture unguarded beacons, surprise Long Range Frigates, lend their support to teammates exactly where it's needed most, or simply to escape.


Micro Warp

The Recon's Microwarpdrive (or MWD) causes the ship to suddenly accelerate to 28 times normal speed, catapulting it forwards approximately 11km. The MWD has a 1 second spool-up time during which the recon can't manoeuver. The MWD can be cancelled early by pressing your afterburner control, and allows some control during the deceleration stage, allowing a practised pilot a decent degree of control over where the ship will land. However, the Microwarpdrive is also a common source of the "Thud!" medal for less practised pilots.

Spy Drones.png Phase Remodulator.png Parasitic Remodulator.png Micro-locator.png Holoship module.png

Spy Drones

Spy drones have a good range and can be applied to a target despite obstacles in the way. Spy drones disable cloaks and negate stealth effects on the target, and reduce the effectiveness of all hull repair and shield regeneration by 50%. Spy drones are a potent debuff to use on Engineering frigates or enemy captains to make them easier to kill, or on tacklers, recons or covert ops to disable their stealth abilities.

Phase Remodulator

The Phase Remodulator is a short duration cloaking device. It drains energy while used, and like other cloaks it will break if the ship fires any weapons, uses any modules or takes any damage. The Phase Remodulator is the recon's main evasion and escape ability.

Parasitic Remodulator

The Parasitic Remodulator drains shield from the target and gives it to the recon. It is the Recon's only "combat" module and serves the double purpose of damaging the target's shields and helping keep the recon alive. The shield drain of the Parasitic Remodulator is not affected by resistances, so is surprisingly effective at higher tiers and against Guard frigates.


The Micro-locator is dropped in a location and reveals any ships in its area of effect to friendlies, even if cloaked or stealthed. It also prevents cloaking devices from being activated in its area of effect.


Creates a hologram of a player ship, Hologram. When Hologram is expires, destroyed or dispelled by the certain effects, it will explode with a slight EM dmg in the area. Applying a Spy Drone or having a Hologram in range of the micro-locator will instantly destroy a Hologram.

Player Opinion and Gameplay

In Open Space, you rely on line of sight to spot everything. This, as well as the Microwarp Drive, makes the Recon one of the best ships for exploring or travelling through Open Space. In all gamemodes, Recons get bonus synergy for targets destroyed while under any one of the spotting effects the Recon possesses, reinforcing it's role as a support interceptor. Spot targets and let your team do the damage! If you are alone, use your massive line-of-sight and stealth/distraction modules to pick single/weakened targets to attack, and to split up groups of enemies.