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Techs.png Initially, during the reign of Bartle, Jericho warships designated "Technologists" were designed at the shipyards owned by various families. These ships were built to be the most technologically advanced ships of the time. After the collapse of the Jericho command system, resulting from the death of Bartle, the best Jericho ship designers kept to themselves. Now they own their own production facilities and are ready to build advanced ships for pilots of the various families. Among their recent achievements include a mind-interface control system, meaning that the pilot actually merges with the ship's systems, allowing greater control and precision.

Jericho ships that use the most advanced technology available are displayed with their black and yellow styling, signifying their "Tech" status.

Faction Equipment

Techs loyalty vouchers can be used to upgrade:

Name Ship Type
Heavy Blaster Frigate
Pulse Laser Interceptor
Repair Kit L Rest/Surv
Spy Drones Recon
Coating Polarizer Command
Gravi-Scanner Command
Aiming Overcharge Gunship
Engine Overcharge Gunship
Nanodrone Cloud Engineer
Combat Re-boot Gunship
Energy Absorber Interceptor(ECM)
Multi-phase Generator N/A
EM Insulator N/A
Reactive Armor N/A
Passive Armor N/A
Lightweight Hull N/A
Regenerative Coating N/A