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Vangaurd.png Vanguard squadrons form the specialized fighter squadrons of the Federation fleet. The Vanguard conduct high-risk operations and exploration of distant planets and sectors. Prominent operations include the disruption of Jericho forces in the Sector of Bartle and the interception of a Jericho message warning of dangerous activity in sector 1337. Being the best of the Federation pilots, they use improved ships and systems.

The Vanguard show their elitism with their white, blue-grey, and orange color scheme.

Faction Equipment

Vanguard loyalty vouchers can be used to upgrade:

Name Ship Type
Rapid Fire Blasters Interceptor
Positron Cannon Fighter
Shield Booster M Rest/Surv
Engine Suppressor Tackler
Target Painter Tackler
Mass Shield Generator Engineer
Warp Gate Engineer
Autonomous Charging Station Engineer
Autonomous Repair Station Engineer
Energy Emitter Engineer
Static Barrier Engineer
Pulsar Guard
Missile Shield Guard
Vernier Engines N/A
Tetroxide Injector N/A
Acceleration Coils N/A
Voltage Regulator N/A
Compact Shield Generator N/A
Improved Missile Pylons N/A
Electronic Guidance N/A