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Varden.png After the Direktoriuma Conspiracy and the resulting riots, a special military unit called the Order of the Wardens was created: they are the Emperor's personal guard. They are tasked with protecting him during his movements across the galaxy. In addition, the Wardens have the honor of guarding Earth, the cradle of humanity and the birthplace of the Emperor. The Order Warden is not limited to the use of funds: it has its own research centers and industry, where their technology improves the Imperial ships. Being the elite of the Imperial Armed Forces, they can modify their ships to create superior weapons and systems.

They are characterized by their brilliant white and red color scheme.

Faction Equipment

Wardens loyalty vouchers can be used yo upgrade:

Name Ship Type
Beam Cannon Frigate
Ion Emitter Fighter
Repair Kit S Rest/Surv
Nano-composite Coating Rest/Surv
Micro-Locator Recon
Parasitic Re-modulator Recon
Phase Modulator Recon
IR Pulsar LRF
EM-Scattering Field LRF
Collision Compensator N/A
Pulse Dis-charger N/A
Thermal Insulator N/A
Reinforced Beams N/A
Armor-Plated Hull N/A
Galvanized Armor N/A
Enhanced Scanner N/A