'Gremlin' Drones

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'Gremlin' Drones

Type: Special module

For ship: Brokk Role engineer.png


Launches drones guarding and repairing the ship.
Drone damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.
Upon activation one of the drones restores 6090 shield pts. for 3 s. to all allies in the aim's direction not further than 3500 m. Also destroys all enemy devices.
The amount of restored shield depends on target size.


  • DPS (thermal): 697 dmg./s.
  • Damage (thermal): 418 dmg.
  • Rate of fire: 100 rounds/min
  • Firing range (max.): 1950 m.
  • Drones: 2 pts.
  • Drone: durability: 5644 pts.
  • Drone: recharge period: 35 s.
  • Ship repairs: 205 pts./s.
  • Recharge: 3 s.


'Gremlin' Drones (view).jpg

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