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Active Modules
Active Modules are trigger Abilities/Skills that can be bought or sold and fitted into slots that are numbered One(1) through Four(4). Once modules are placed they can be used by pressing a number on the keyboard corresponding to the numbered location of the module.
The amount of Active Modules per ship depends on the Tech level of said ship. Current ships have no less than two and no more than four Active Module slots. Some modules may be used by all classes of ship while others are specific to certain roles.
Note that Module effects typically do not stack. So if two Command ships are within range of providing an Aegis buff to your ship, only the stronger Aegis effect will be applied.
Hierarchy of Module Efficiency
MkI-II.png Mk I The first level of item, bought from the warehouse with credits.
Overcharged.png Mk II Created by upgrading a Mk I item, either by paying credits or applying an upgrade kit found as loot.
MkIII.png Mk III Created by upgrading a Mk II item either with Galactic Standards or Loyalty Vouchers from the correct faction for that item.
Experimental.png Mk IV The second most powerful kind of item. Created by upgrading a Mk III item with an experimental upgrade kit, or by paying Artifacts.
Mk V The most powerful kind of utem. It is created in the workshop, by using parts either salvaged from MK II items and above, or found in the open-world invasion game mode.



Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
IR Flares IR Flares.png 1+ Deflects guided missiles on activation. Does not affect unguided missiles or mines. Link=Vanguard
Multiphase Shield Adapter Multiphase Shield Adapter.png 2+ Greatly increases shield resistances for a short time Link=Raid
Nanocomposite Coating Nanocomposite Coating.png 2+ Greatly increases hull resistances for a short time Link=Wardens
Shield Booster Shield Booster.png 1+ Restores some of your shields over 8 seconds Link=Raid
Repair Kit Repair Kit.png 1+ Instantly restores some of your hull. Has a long cooldown. Link=Wardens

Covert Ops

Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Self Destruct Self Destruct.png 2+ Self destruct your ship, dealing heavy damage to nearby enemies Armada.png
Orion Targeting Complex Orion Targeting Complex.png 1+ Increase main weapon damage by 90-120% for 5 seconds Armada.png
White Noise Jammer White Noise Jammer.png 2+ Disables your target's targeting system for 12-18s Armada.png
Adaptive Camo Adaptive Camo.png 2+ Hides your ship from enemy radar and targeting systems for 20s or until you fire or activate a module. Armada.png
Plasma Arc Plasma Arc.png 2+ Deal massive thermal damage to enemies directly in front of you for 3s. Armada.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Spy Drones Spy Drones.png 1+ Makes your target visible to anyone from any distance and reduces its hull and shield regeneration by 50% for 90 seconds. Legion.png
Micro-locator Micro-locator.png ? Drops a locator that reveals enemy ships in its range, including stealthed ships, disables cloaking devices within its range and prevents cloaking devices from being activated. Wardens.png
Phase Remodulator Phase Remodulator.png ? Cloaks your ship for a short time, consuming energy to do so. Wardens.png
Parasitic Remodulator Parasitic Remodulator.png ? Transfers some of the target's shields to you over 8 seconds. Wardens.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Energy Absorber Energy Absorber.png 2+ Transfers energy from your target to your own ship over 8 seconds Legion.png
Weapon System Inhibitor Weapon System Inhibitor.png 2+ Reduces the damage of your target temporarily Raid.png
Stasis Generator Stasis Generator.png 3+ Disable your target's weapons, modules and engines for a few seconds Raid.png
Ion Emitter Ion Emitter.png 1+ Disable your target's weapons and modules for several seconds Raid.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Aiming Overcharge Aiming Overcharge.png 1+ Increases your main weapons' critical chance for 12s Legion.png
Engine Overcharge Engine Overcharge.png 2+ Increases your maximum speed by 45% for 12-15s or until you use a weapon or missile. Legion.png
Combat Reboot Combat Reboot.png 2+ Removes all negative effects and briefly grants invulnerability Legion.png
Particle Purge Particle Purge.png 3+ Instantly depletes your shields to deal EM damage to nearby enemies Armada.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Aegis System Aegis System.png 1+ Increases shield resistances of yourself and nearby allies Techs.png
Coating Polarizer Coating Polarizer.png 1+ Increases hull resistances of yourself and nearby allies Legion.png
Valkyrie System Valkyrie System.png 2+ Increases your and nearby allies' damage by 20-28% for 10 seconds Techs.png
Gravi-scanner Gravi-scanner.png 3+ Increases your and nearby allies' speed by 20-26% for 20 seconds Legion.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Target Painter Target Painter.png 1+ Lowers target's shield and hull resistances. Vangaurd.png
Engine Suppressor Engine Suppressor.png 1+ Greatly lowers the target's speed for a short duration Vangaurd.png
Inhibitor Beam Inhibitor Beam.png 2+ Prevents the target from activating afterburners while affected Raid.png
Sentry Drone Sentry Drone.png 2+ Drops a static sentry drone that fires at nearby enemies Raid.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Mass Shield Generator Mass Shield Generator.png 1+ Regenerate your and nearby allies' shields Vangaurd.png
Nanodrone Cloud Nanodrone Cloud.png 2+ Repair your and nearby allies' hull Legion.png
Energy Emitter Energy Emitter.png 2+ Regenerate your and nearby allies' energy Vangaurd.png
Autonomous Charging Station Autonomous Charging Station.png 3+ Drop a beacon that regenerates the shields of the most damaged nearby ally Vangaurd.png
Autonomous Repair Station Autonomous Repair Station.png 3+ Drop a beacon that repairs the hull of the most damaged nearby ally Vangaurd.png
Warp Gate Warp Gate.png 2+ Deploy a gate that warps allies that use it 5km forwards Vangaurd.png
Static Barrier Static Barrier.png 3+ Drop a physical barrier directly in front of your ship Vangaurd.png


Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
Mass Propulsion Inhibitor Mass Propulsion Inhibitor.png 1+ Blocks enemy thusters and afterburners within a 1100-1300m radius. Techs.png
Signature Masking Signature Masking.png 3+ Reduces damage taken from enemies in a 1000-1300m radius. Techs.png
Missile Shield Missile Shield.png 2+ Shoots down nearby enemy missiles. Vangaurd.png
Emergency Shield Boost Emergency Shield Boost.png 3+ Repairs your ship's shield over 20s Techs.png
Liquid Metal Injector Liquid Metal Injector.png 3+ Repairs your ship's hull over 20s Techs.png
Pulsar Pulsar.png 2+ Deals pulses of thermal damage to all enemies in a short radius Vangaurd.png

Long Range

Name Icon Tiers Description Mk 3
IR Pulsar IR Pulsar.png 3+ Disables targeting systems of all ships locked on to you for 12s Wardens.png
EM Scattering Field EM Scattering Field.png 2+ Makes the user invisible to radar and targeting systems, and protects from negative effects. Ends upon moving. Wardens.png
Weapon Overcharge Weapon Overcharge.png 1+ Increases the damage of the next disintegrator blast or guided torpedo Raid.png
Tachyon Charge Tachyon Charge.png 2+ Increases the shot speed of the next disintegrator blast or guided torpedo Raid.png