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Active modules are such modules that the player must activate manually at his chosen point in time. After activation, the module works for some time. Switching off a module can occur manually or automatically, it depends on the mechanics of a particular module.

Active modules consume energy for their work. With a lack of energy, both blocking the active module and its premature shutdown are possible.

The active modules are divided into two parts: the role and the multipurpose ones. Role modules are divided into groups corresponding to the roles of ships, and are designed to be installed on ships of the corresponding role. Multipurpose modules are designed to survive in battle and can be installed on any ship, regardless of its class or role, with the exception of destroyers.

Common modules are available for installation on all ships of a suitable role. Brief information about some common modules you can read here:

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Name Icon Ranks Description
IR Flares InfraredContermeasure Icon.png 1+ Deflects guided missiles on activation. Does not affect unguided missiles or mines.
Multiphase Shield Adapter AdaptiveShieldBoost Icon.png 7+ Greatly increases shield resistances for a short time.
Nanocomposite Coating AdaptiveArmorBoost Icon.png 4+ Greatly increases hull resistances for a short time.
Shield Booster ShieldRestoreSmall Icon.png ShieldRestoreMedium Icon.png ShieldRestoreLarge Icon.png 1+ Restores some of your shields over 8 seconds.
Repair Kit RepairDronesSmall Icon.png RepairDronesMedium Icon.png RepairDronesLarge Icon.png 1+ Instantly restores some of your hull. Has a long cooldown.

Covert Ops

Name Icon Ranks Description
Reactor overload Self Destruct.png 5+ Deals heavy damage to nearby enemies.
Orion Targeting Complex Orion Targeting Complex.png 3+ Increase main weapon damage by 90-120% for 5 seconds.
White Noise Jammer White Noise Jammer.png 8+ Disables your target's targeting system for 12-18 s.
Adaptive Camo Adaptive Camo.png 6+ Hides your ship from enemy radar and targeting systems for 20s or until you fire or activate a module.
Plasma Arc Plasma Arc.png 7+ Deal massive thermal damage to enemies directly in front of you for 3 s.


Name Icon Ranks Description
Spy Drones Spy Drones.png 2+ Makes your target visible to anyone from any distance and reduces its hull and shield regeneration by 50% for 90 seconds.
Micro-locator Micro-locator.png 7+ Drops a locator that reveals enemy ships in its range, including stealthed ships, disables cloaking devices within its range and prevents cloaking devices from being activated.
Phase Modulator Phase Remodulator.png 5+ Cloaks your ship for a short time, consuming energy to do so.
Parasitic Remodulator Parasitic Remodulator.png 6+ Transfers some of the target's shields to you over 8 seconds.


Name Icon Ranks Description
Energy Absorber Energy Absorber.png 6+ Transfers energy from your target to your own ship over 5 seconds.
Weapon System Inhibitor Weapon System Inhibitor.png 7+ Reduces the damage of your target temporarily.
Stasis Generator Stasis Generator.png 7+ Disable your target's weapons, modules and engines for a few seconds.
Ion Diffuser Ion Emitter.png 3+ Disable your target's weapons and modules for several seconds.


Name Icon Ranks Description
Aiming Overcharge Aiming Overcharge.png 1+ Increases your main weapons' critical chance for 12 s.
Engine Overcharge Engine Overcharge.png 6+ Increases your maximum speed by 45% for 12-15 s. or until you use a weapon or missile.
Combat Reboot Combat Reboot.png 7+ Removes all negative effects and briefly grants invulnerability.
Particle Purge Particle Purge.png 7+ Instantly depletes your shields to deal EM damage to nearby enemies.


Name Icon Ranks Description
'Aegis' System Aegis System.png 4+ Increases shield resistances of yourself and nearby allies.
Coating Polarizer Coating Polarizer.png 1+ Increases hull resistances of yourself and nearby allies.
'Valkyrie' System Valkyrie System.png 6+ Increases your and nearby allies' damage by 20-28% for 10 seconds.
Gravi-scanner Gravi-scanner.png 7+ Increases your and nearby allies' speed by 20-26% for 20 seconds.


Name Icon Ranks Description
Target Painter Target Painter.png 1+ Lowers target's shield and hull resistances.
Engine Suppressor Engine Suppressor.png 4+ Greatly lowers the target's speed for a short duration.
Inhibitor Beam Inhibitor Beam.png 8+ Prevents the target from activating afterburners while affected.
Sentry Drone Sentry Drone module.png 5+ Drops a static sentry drone that fires at nearby enemies.


Name Icon Ranks Description
Mass Shield Generator Mass Shield Generator.png 3+ Regenerate your and nearby allies' shields.
Nanodrone Cloud Nanodrone Cloud.png 6+ Repair your and nearby allies' hull.
Energy Emitter Energy Emitter.png 7+ Regenerate your and nearby allies' energy.
Autonomous Charging Station Autonomous Charging Station.png 7+ Drops a drone that regenerates the shields of the most damaged nearby ally.
Autonomous Repair Station Autonomous Repair Station.png 9+ Drops a drone that repairs the hull of the most damaged nearby ally.
Warp Gate Warp Gate.png 7+ Deploy a gate that warps allies that use it 5 km. forwards.
Static Barrier Static Barrier.png 8+ Drop a physical barrier directly in front of your ship.


Name Icon Ranks Description
Mass Propulsion Inhibitor Mass Propulsion Inhibitor.png 3+ Blocks enemy thrusters and afterburners within a 1100-1300 m. radius.
Signature Masking Signature Masking.png 9+ Reduces damage taken from enemies in a 1000-1300 m. radius.
Missile Shield Missile Shield.png 5+ Shoots down nearby enemy missiles.
Emergency Shield Boost Emergency Shield Boost.png 3+ Repairs your ship's shield over 20 s.
Liquid Metal Injector Liquid Metal Injector.png 7+ Repairs your ship's hull over 20 s.
Pulsar Pulsar.png 6+ Deals pulses of thermal damage to all enemies in a short radius.

Long Range

Name Icon Ranks Description
IR Pulsar IR Pulsar.png 8+ Disables targeting systems of all ships locked on to you for 12 s.
EM Scattering Field EM Scattering Field.png 5+ Makes the user invisible to radar and targeting systems, and protects from negative effects. Ends upon moving.
Weapon Overcharge Weapon Overcharge.png 2+ Increases the damage of the next disintegrator blast or guided torpedo.
Tachyon Charge Tachyon Charge.png 4+ Increases the shot speed of the next disintegrator blast or guided torpedo.

Modules being unique and for premium ships of the same role (experimental) can only be installed on certain ships purchased for Currency credits.png, and on all premium ships same role of a suitable rank. About them you can read at forum, in patchnotes 1.5.0-1.5.0f and 1.5.2.

Unique modules can only be installed on the ship for which they were created.

Modules by 'Ellydium' technologies can be installed on alien ships, and some - on human ships of suitable role.

The color of the active module icon indicates its type of impact: red means that the module deals thermal damage, yellow - kinetic, blue - EM damage, purple - other negative effects, green - impact on the hull, blue - on the shield, orange - on the weapons, grey - other effects (acceleration, invulnerability, etc.).

The color of the bar at the bottom of the module icon (in Atlas - the frame around the module and the number) indicates its level: from Mk.1 (white) to Mk.5 (orange).

You can visit Russian Wiki for active modules' characteristics.

Types of modules

Multipurpose modules

ShieldRestoreSmall Icon.png ShieldRestoreMedium Icon.png ShieldRestoreLarge Icon.png RepairDronesSmall Icon.png RepairDronesMedium Icon.png RepairDronesLarge Icon.png Hull restoration system.jpg AdaptiveShieldBoost Icon.png AdaptiveArmorBoost Icon.png InfraredContermeasure Icon.png Energy Converter module.png A1MA module.png - for small ships

Plasma turret icon.png Blaster turret icon.png Multiphase shield icon.png - for destroyers

Missile reload.jpg - Ellydium

Recon modules

Phase Remodulator.png Spy Drones.png Parasitic Remodulator.png Micro-locator.png Holoship module.png - common

Nanolocator.jpg 'Ghost' camo system.jpg Teleportation anchor.jpg Trampoline.jpg Covert Ops drone.jpg 'Triumvirate' hologram.jpg Hazardous veil.jpg Active screen.jpg Energy anomaly.jpg Minor crystal deformation.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Masking station.png - unique

Inhibitor crystal.png Crystal-infiltrator.jpg Satellite crystal.jpg Harvest crystal.jpg Crystal-hologram.jpg Crystal destabilization.png - Ellydium

ECM modules

Ion Emitter.png Energy Absorber.png Stasis Generator.png Weapon System Inhibitor.png System hack module.png Repair system sabotage.jpg - common

'Moriarty' virus.jpg 'Quiet hours' blocker.jpg Protocol regulation.jpg 'Rebellion' trojan.jpg Song of peace.jpg Sensor DDoS.jpg Remote ammo detonatio.jpg Internal network dampenet.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Shield seal module.png Engine Controller Hack.jpg Infobarrier.jpg - unique

Covert Ops modules

Orion Targeting Complex.png Plasma Arc.png Adaptive Camo.png Self Destruct.png White Noise Jammer.png Quantum defence.jpg - common

'Supernova' torpedo.jpg Tactical warp.jpg 'Reaver' energy converter.jpg RAD-atomizer.jpg Emergency retreat.jpg Mass interference generator.jpg Projectile irradiator.jpg Mass plasma disturbance.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Avalanche projector module.png Energy-burning mine.jpg - unique

Gunship modules

Aiming Overcharge.png Combat Reboot.png Particle Purge.png Engine Overcharge.png - common

Thermal repulsor.jpg 'Deimos' engine.jpg Shrapnel cone.jpg 'Constellation' generator.jpg 'Squall' launcher.jpg Kinetic wave.jpg Quark-beamer.jpg Magnetic disruptor.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Banshee system module.png Entropy generator module.png Weakness detector.jpg - unique

Inhibitor swarm.jpg Alien intuition.jpg Crystal drone.jpg Reflected rage.jpg - Ellydium

Command modules

Valkyrie System.png Aegis System.png Coating Polarizer.png Gravi-scanner.png Shield Havoc module.png - common

'Prometheus' defence.jpg Penentrating beam.jpg Reserve energy circuits.jpg Mass charge accelerator.jpg Energy cube.jpg 'Kappa' EM beam.jpg Mobile pulsar.jpg Repelling shield.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Harmonic Drive.jpg Anti-Sabotage 2.1.jpg Camouflage shroud.jpg - unique

Tackler modules

Target Painter.png Sentry Drone module.png Heavy Guard Drone module.png Engine Suppressor.png Inhibitor Beam.png - common

'Dawn' locator.jpg Inhibitor drone.jpg Beam disintegrator.jpg Realignment.jpg Mine network.jpg Slowing projector.jpg 'Hunter' tactical system.jpg 'Stretto' gun system.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Trap mine.jpg - unique

Engineering modules

Mass Shield Generator.png Nanodrone Cloud.png Energy Emitter.png Warp Gate.png Autonomous Charging Station.png Autonomous Repair Station.png Static Barrier.png - common

Commitment.jpg 'Protector' torpedo.jpg Repair projector.jpg Explosive restoration.jpg 'Twins' barrier.jpg 'Pendulum' module.jpg Energy-compensating projectile.jpg Med Evac.jpg Nano-devourers.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Amplifying shields module.png Shield sync module.png Invulnerability projector.png - unique

Protective sphere.jpg 'Patron' active defence.jpg Gravi-wave.jpg Hull converter.jpg Emergency repair station.jpg Waz'Got battle station.jpg - Ellydium

Guard modules

Missile Shield.png Pulsar.png Liquid Metal Injector.png Emergency Shield Boost.png Mass Propulsion Inhibitor.png Signature Masking.png Spectre Field module.png - common

Gravilasso.jpg Graviton projectile exciter.jpg Boarding charger.jpg Active missile shield.jpg Ballistic codebreaker.jpg Missile swarm.jpg 'Phantom' stealth system.jpg Ram attack.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Radiation converter module.png Regenrationg shield module.png Tractor beam module.png Phase demodulator.jpg Redeployment mechanism.jpg 'Dome' MDS.jpg Energy systems destabilizer.jpg Magnetic charge.jpg - unique

Long Range modules

Weapon Overcharge.png Tachyon Charge.png IR Pulsar.png EM Scattering Field.png Reverse Thruster module.png - common

Radioactive cloud.jpg 'Sinobi' jump.jpg Sniper drone 'Partner'.jpg Energy sharing.jpg Target highlight mode.jpg 'Surkov' ballistic processor.jpg 'Hindenburg' supercharge.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Disintegrator modifier.jpg 'Sharpshooter' mode.jpg Ammunition stabilizer.jpg Disrupting shot.jpg - unique

Suppressor modules

Pyro emitter icon.png Wormhole projector icon.png Gravitational lens icon.png Tempest launcher icon.png Repelling beam icon.png Photon emitter icon.png Hybrid missile icon.png - common

Destabilizing field icon.png Isotope Harvester.png Remote minelayer.png - unique

Landing platform.jpg Swarm control.jpg Devastator beam.jpg Jump system "Kapkan".jpg Crystalline suppressor.jpg - Ellydium