Autonomous drones

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Appearance of the ship with special module Autonomous drones
Waz'Got with Autonomous drones
Autonomous drones

Type: Special module

For ship: Waz'Got Role engineer.png


Launches drones accompanying the ship and attacking the enemy.
Picking up ship debris, the engineer also produces drones.
Drone damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.
Launches a pod with an autonomous drone, capable of working both in space (void drone) and on the surface (turret).
Turret deals more damage, fires faster, is stronger and exists longer.


Parameters Ranks
11-12 13-14 15
Drone: DPS (thermal) 278 dmg./s. 287 dmg./s. 292 dmg./s.
Drone: damage (thermal) 208 dmg. 215 dmg. 219 dmg.
Drone: rate of fire 80 rounds/min
Drone: weapon range 2000 m.
Drone: projectile speed 3200 m/s
Drone: durability 2726 pts. 2793 pts. 2815 pts.
Drones 4 pcs.
Drone production limit without debris picking 2 pcs.
Drone activation preparation time 27 s.
Turret: DPS (thermal) 1596 dmg./s. 1649 dmg./s. 1680 dmg./s.
Turret: damage (thermal) 1200 dmg. 1240 dmg. 1263 dmg.
Turret: rate of fire 80 rounds/min
Turret: weapon range 3200 m.
Turret: durability 5000 pts.
Turret: autonomous time 60 s.
Void drone: DPS (thermal) 400 dmg./s. 413 dmg./s. 421 dmg./s.
Void drone: damage (thermal) 400 dmg. 413 dmg. 421 dmg.
Void drone: rate of fire 60 rounds/min
Void drone: weapon range 3200 m.
Void drone: durability 2000 pts.
Void drone: autonomous time 30 s.
Energy consumption 552 en. 581 en. 616 en.
Recharge 10 s.

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