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Boosters are devices that temporarily improve vessel performance. Boosters can also increase the reward for a flight taken. Each ship has two (2) slots for boosters; a left slot and a right slot. Each slot has a different set of possible boosters. Left slot boosters cost GS and Right slot boosters cost credits (see Currency#Currency). Stacking benefits can produce very useful results for ships.

These slots are where players install boosters.
  • Boosters are available on all ships
  • They're durability is measured in battles; an independent probe booster may last for 5 battles.
  • Boosters are installed into their own dedicated slots
  • Each slot has it's own set of options
  • You may purchase several boosters of the same type
  • Purchasing the same booster more than once extends it's durability in battle; a 5 battle booster will last 10 if you buy another one without using the first
  • If one extra unit is replaced by another, it will dissappear
Listing of All Current In-Game Boosters
Left Slot Right Slot
Name Description Durability Price Name Description Durability Price
AutonomousProbeBooster.png Autonomous Probe Provides +1 guaranteed loot drop apon a victory (PvP Mode only) 5 Battles 200GS.png DiamondCoatingBooster.png Diamond Coating Hull Resistance +10pts. 3 Battles 80000Currency credits.png
ProspectorProbeBooster.png Prospector Probe Provides +2 loot drops (PvP Mode only) 3 Battles 200GS.png ShieldTuningBooster.png Shield Tuning Shield Resistance +10pts. 3 Battles 80000Currency credits.png
ResearchProbeBooster.png Research Probe Provides +1 guaranteed looting drop and +1 looting drop (PvP Mode only) 5 Battles 300GS.png ShipOverdriveBooster.png Thrusters Overdrive Ship speed +7% 3 Battles 100000Currency credits.png
TacticalSoftwareBooster.png Tactical Software Synergy for all allies boosted by 100% 5 Battles 390GS.png BattleMicrochipsBooster.png Battle Microchips Main weapon damage +5% 3 Battles 120000Currency credits.png
BattleFirmwareBooster.png Battle Firmware Synergy gain +200% (Only in PvP and PvE Modes) 3 Battles 400GS.png IntegratedProcessingBooster.png Integrated Processing Hull and shield resistance +5pts. 3 Battles 120000Currency credits.png
HackedFirmwareBooster.png Hacked Firmware Synergy gain +200% (Only in PvP and PvE Modes) 6 Battles 700GS.png MilitaryCPUBooster.png Military CPU Main weapon damage +4% and max ship speed +5% 3 Battles 160000Currency credits.png