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Boosters are devices that temporarily improve vessel performance. Boosters can also increase the reward for a flight taken. Each ship has two (2) slots for boosters; a left slot and a right slot. Each slot has a different set of possible boosters. Left slot boosters cost GS and Right slot boosters cost credits (see Currency). Stacking benefits can produce very useful results for ships.

These slots are where players install boosters.
  • Boosters are available on all ships
  • They're durability is measured in battles; an independent probe booster may last for 5 battles.
  • Boosters are installed into their own dedicated slots
  • Each slot has it's own set of options
  • You may purchase several boosters of the same type
  • Purchasing the same booster more than once extends it's durability in battle; a 5 battle booster will last 10 if you buy another one without using the first
  • If one extra unit is replaced by another, it will dissappear
Listing of All Current In-Game Boosters
Left Slot Right Slot
Name Description Durability Price Name Description Durability Price
AutonomousProbeBooster.png Autonomous Probe Provides +1 guaranteed loot drop apon a victory (PvP Mode only) 5 Battles 200GS.png DiamondCoatingBooster.png Diamond Coating Hull Resistance +10pts. 3 Battles 80000Currency credits.png
ProspectorProbeBooster.png Prospector Probe Provides +2 loot drops (PvP Mode only) 3 Battles 200GS.png ShieldTuningBooster.png Shield Tuning Shield Resistance +10pts. 3 Battles 80000Currency credits.png
ResearchProbeBooster.png Research Probe Provides +1 guaranteed looting drop and +1 looting drop (PvP Mode only) 5 Battles 300GS.png ShipOverdriveBooster.png Thrusters Overdrive Ship speed +7% 3 Battles 100000Currency credits.png
TacticalSoftwareBooster.png Tactical Software Synergy for all allies boosted by 100% 5 Battles 390GS.png BattleMicrochipsBooster.png Battle Microchips Main weapon damage +5% 3 Battles 120000Currency credits.png
BattleFirmwareBooster.png Battle Firmware Synergy gain +200% (Only in PvP and PvE Modes) 3 Battles 400GS.png IntegratedProcessingBooster.png Integrated Processing Hull and shield resistance +5pts. 3 Battles 120000Currency credits.png
HackedFirmwareBooster.png Hacked Firmware Synergy gain +200% (Only in PvP and PvE Modes) 6 Battles 700GS.png MilitaryCPUBooster.png Military CPU Main weapon damage +4% and max ship speed +5% 3 Battles 160000Currency credits.png