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For victory in PvE, pilots get access to containers with especially valuable cargo.
Containers are located in the section "SHIP RESOURCES" and change the day after doing.
Once a day the pilot can cancel one such task, and the container will be replaced with another.


The container appears in the shop in bundles section.
The container contains up to 5 items. They are listed in the contents.
The container can be redeemed for Iridium over 3 hours.
The cost of buying containers: Alpha - 100, Beta и Gamma - 150, Delta - 200 Iridium.png.
When buying a container the player always receives one of the specified items.
The chances of getting particular items are different.
After purchase, the container disappears.
The player can continue to get access to purchase of such containers in trophy search after a battle.
On repeated acquisition of a container, which is already available for purchase, the availability timer is updated to 3 hours.

List of items in containers you can see here.