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[[File:Cluster missile.jpg|Cluster missile|100px|left]]
[[File:Cluster missile1.png|Cluster missile|100px|left]]
'''Type:''' Special module
'''Type:''' Special module

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Cluster missile

Type: Special module

For ship: Executor Role sniper.png

Manufacturing: 120 special module components


Launches a missile controlled by the pilot.
The missile splits into 5 warheads with auto-guidance, looking for a target within 2000 m. No more than 3 can lock onto a single target.
Missile damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.


  • Blast (thermal): 8000 dmg.
  • Explosion radius: 185 m.
  • Flight range: 10000 m.
  • Flight speed: 650 m./s.
  • Maneuvering speed: 21 deg./s.
  • Warhead: explosion (thermal): 3750 dmg.
  • Warhead: explosion radius: 150 m.
  • Warhead: flight distance: 3000 m.
  • Warhead: flight speed: 650 m./s.
  • Warhead: turn speed: 60 deg./s.
  • Recharge: 16 s.

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