Combat reconstructor

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Appearance of the ship with special module Combat reconstructor
Thar'Ga with Combat reconstructor
Combat reconstructor

Type: Special module

For ship: Thar'Ga Role attack.png


Upon module activation all enemies in 900 m. radius receive thermal damage.
110% of the damage received while the module is active (only from enemies' hulls) is used to regenerate hull.


Parameters Ranks
9-10 11-12 13-14 15
DPS (thermal) 1360 dmg./s. 1380 dmg./s. 1440 dmg./s. 1540 dmg./s.
Active time 8.5 s.
Host damage 610 dmg. 670 dmg. 740 dmg. 810 dmg.
Energy consumption 61 en. 67 en. 74 en. 81 en.
Recharge 35 s.

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