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The community is made up of all the players of Star Conflict.
Players have the opportunity to:
*Create and manage temporary or permanent groups of players
*Create and manage lists of friends and other contacts
*Go into battle with your friends and other contacts
==Social Menu==
Through the use of the social menu players can:
* Manage their own social circle or group of contacts
* See who in your contacts is currently playing
* See the statistics of friends and other players
Players can create the following lists:
*'''Friends'''. The friends of the player are listed in the friends list. Becoming a friend of another player requires the other players' consent.
*'''Followed'''. The players that a player wants to keep track of are listed in the followed list. Consent is not required to put a player in this list.
*'''Ignored'''. This list keeps track of all the players that a player doesn't want to communicate with. The player doesn't see messages from players in this list.
*'''New'''. A temporary list which tracks requests for friendship from other players.
For each player, there are a number of actions that allow you to communicate with them directly. By right clicking on a players name, you can bring up the list of actions.
*A Squad is a temporary group of players flying into battle together.
*The number of people allowed in a Squad is one (1) to four (4).
*A Squad is created when an invite is sent to at least one player.
*A wing is a temporary group of players flying into battle together.
*There may be up to 8-12 players in a wing.
*Wings can be used in [[Sector Conquest]], [[CO-OP]] and [[Special Operation]]s.
*A corporation is a group of players that play together regularly.
*To create a corporation, it costs 1500 {{I}}.
*Each corporation has a different rating.
*Corporations can participate in sector conquest on the galactic map and in corporate wars.
A corporation has 12 levels. Each level increases its pilot capacity (30/40/50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500 pilots).
To level up a corporation, its head must pay a certain amount of {{I}}.
===Corporate wars===
*To participate in corporation battles, corporations need to provide defence to their pilots. Corporation defence is restored with corporate iridium, and with a zero value of defence, wars become unavailable to the corporation. Also, with zero corporation defence, progress in corporate ranks of pilots stops. 
*A declaration of war by another corporation is paid for with corporate iridium. The cost of declaring war is dynamic and depends on the rating of the attacked and attacking corporations, as well as on how long corporations have not participated in wars.
*The declared war ends when the defence of one of the corporations has dropped to zero. A corporation's defence is lost from damage dealt by enemies in any [[PvP]] battles, including [[Open Space]].
*The victorious corporation receives corporate iridium, in accordance with the contribution made to the victory and partially restores its defence.
*All pilots from the victorious corporation receive free container with one of following things:
*Colouring preset 'Geometric camo 1'
*Colouring preset 'Geometric camo 2'
*Decor 'Wasteland Horn'
*Decor 'Iron Eagle'
*Decor 'Hunter's Antlers'
*[[Resonating charges Mk.4]] - 20 pcs.
*[[Resonating crystal Mk.4]] - 20 pcs.
*[[Resonating slugs Mk.4]] - 20 pcs.
*Xenocrystal - 10 pcs.
*Enriched monocrystal - 10 pcs.
*Reactor package
*Deflector package
*Computing systems
*Engine package
*Exterior structures
*Participants in wars earn “war points” necessary to obtain special corporate titles. The current corporate rank of the pilot and war points are displayed in his profile. When moving from one corporation to another, corporate titles are retained, but the war points are reset.
===Corporate titles===
{| class="wikitable"
!Points to title
|align=center|1'000'000 {{CR}}
|align=center|100'000 {{SYN}}
|align=center|100 {{GS}}
!Petty Officer
|align=center|50 xenocrystals
!Chief Petty Officer
|align=center|25 enriched monocrystals
!Warrant Officer 2
!Warrant Officer 1
|align=center|700{{GS}}, [[titles|title]] "'''Warrant Officer 1'''"
|align=center|100 [[Resonating charges Mk.4]],<br> 100 [[Resonating crystal Mk.4]],<br> 100 [[Resonating slugs Mk.4]]
!Second Lieutenant
|align=center|Aerography 'Second Lieutenant',<br> colouring preset 'Desert Hunter'

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