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The community is made up of all the players of Star Conflict.

Players have the opportunity to:

  • Create and manage temporary or permanent groups of players
  • Create and manage lists of friends and other contacts
  • Go into battle with your friends and other contacts

Social Menu

Through the use of the social menu players can:

  • Manage their own social circle or group of contacts
  • See who in your contacts is currently playing
  • See the statistics of friends and other players

Players can create the following lists:

  • Friends. The friends of the player are listed in the friends list. Becoming a friend of another player requires the other players' consent.
  • Followed. The players that a player wants to keep track of are listed in the followed list. Consent is not required to put a player in this list.
  • Ignored. This list keeps track of all the players that a player doesn't want to communicate with. The player doesn't see messages from players in this list.
  • New. A temporary list which tracks requests for friendship from other players.

For each player, there are a number of actions that allow you to communicate with them directly. By right clicking on a players name, you can bring up the list of actions.


  • A corporation is a group of players that play together regularly.
  • To create a corporation, it costs 1500 Iridium.png.
  • Each corporation has a different rating.
  • Corporations can participate in sector conquest on the galactic map and in corporate wars.

A corporation has 12 levels. Each level increases its pilot capacity (30/40/50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500 pilots).

To level up a corporation, its head must pay a certain amount of Iridium.png.


  • A Squad is a temporary group of players flying into battle together.
  • The number of people allowed in a Squad is one (1) to four (4).
  • A Squad is created when an invite is sent to at least one player.


  • A wing is a temporary group of players flying into battle together.
  • There may be up to eight (12) players in a wing.
  • Wings can only be used in sector conquest.

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