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'''Section of [[Tasks]].'''
=General information=
: '''Contracts''' are a good way of earning resources by doing them in [[Open Space|open space]].
:At the very beginning of the game, the first contracts are available to the player. Next contracts become available as the pilot receives new clearance levels, whose growth is associated with [[Advancement|pilot development]]. You can see a description of current contracts in the tasks window.
:The '''undock''' button allows you to instantly fly to the desired sector to complete the contract.
: The execution of the contract is due to the performance of a specific task. This may be the destruction of ships, activating objects and scanning of ore. Well, if the task is too complicated, you can call a friend or ask for help in the chat. Especially because when you are required to destroy one or more ships, it is not at all necessary to apply the final shot. A small amount of fire assistance will be enough for the contract to be credited.
:The progress of the execution of contracts is saved when you exit the game.
:Contracts are given to pilots every 3 hours (1:00 GMT, 4:00 GMT, 7:00 GMT, etc.) in amount of 3-4 tasks and active for 6 hours.
:[[Premium content#Premium License|Premium License]] allows you to increase contractual resources: [[Credits]] {{CR}}, [[Experience]] {{SYN}}, workshop details for the entire period your action.
:For a permanent increase in resources for each contract, you can also purchase in  [http://store.steampowered.com/app/212070// Steam] or [https://store.gaijin.net/storefront.php?skin_lang=en&category=StarConflict Game Store] sets-additions [[DLC]]:
:* Star Conflict Mercenary Set - Soldier of Fortune
:* Star Conflict Mercenary Set - Galaxy Explorer
:* Star Conflict Mercenary Set - Elite Pilot
:Each of which will add '''10%''' to the constantly added credits and experience of the ships.
:Same [[Bonuses|bonuses]] from [[DLC]] are added together.
:Also here are located the UMC special orders in [[PvE|missions]], for which you can get {{I}}.
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