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As the name indicates, this game mode is about players that can create their own battles with their own settings. Also, a player can join or spectate other players custom battles.

Game Types

When creating a battle, you can choose between:

  • Game type: PvP or PvE
  • Custom PvP games have the same rules as the regular PvP mode.
  • Custom PvE missions can be manually chosen by the host and have all the characteristics of the regular PvE mode.
  • The map on which the battle will be placed on
  • The region of the server where the battle will be hosted on

Game Settings

By default the battle is accessible to all and with standard settings. The host is able to customize the battle by the following points:

  • Restrict access
  • Enable or disable automatic balance of teams
  • Specify which ship ranks can be used in the battle
  • Specify which ship roles can be used in the battle
  • Enable or disable self-damage and friendly-fire
  • Add bots to the battle (Controlled by AI)
  • Select the difficulty level of bots


For custom PvE battles the reward is the same as in a standard PvE missions.

For custom PvP battles the reward is disabled.