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Damage Types

There are 4 damage types player can receive in the game:

  • Kinetic - highlighted in yellow
  • Electro Magnetic (EM) - highlighted in light blue
  • Thermal - highlighted in red
  • Raw - highlighted in white

Kinetic, EM and Thermal types of damage are subject to all damage reduction mechanics like Resistance, by default all ships in the game have vulnerabilities to damage types achieved via lower amount of resistances granted by default and through the difficulty of obtaining such type

  • Hull have lower Kinetic resistance, and it is harder to increase that value through fitting comparing to EM resistances
  • Shield is the opposite of hull, high default resistance to kinetic, higher volume of kinetic resistance on appropriate shield passive modules and considerably lower EM resistances
  • Thermal is a middle ground, both shield and hull have some what a middle ground withstanding fire damage.

Keep in mind that there is a common term "hull is vulnerable to kinetic and shield vulnerable to EM", this is only references to amount of resistances, and if one to have 100 kinetic resistance and 100 of EM resistance on a hull, both kinetic and EM damage would behave in same way, and will be reduced by 50%.

Raw or White damage bypasses resistance values, and takes away as much HP points as it says it would. White damage can be received via collisions and as a Destroyer, when Active modules are destroyed. Amount of collision damage can be reduced via special engine modifiers.

Damage Properties

  • Standard
  • Explosive

Weapon damage


Weapon Turrets

Increase in Valley damage

Increase in Fire rate

Base damage

Critical hit

Critical chance

Critical damage

Charging weapons

Damage modifiers

Damage increase

Damage reduction