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===Characteristics of Federation Ships===
===Characteristics of Federation Ships===
*High Speed and Agility
*High Speed and Agility
*Strong Capacitor
*Strong Capacitor

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The Federation is also known as the Alliance of Free Worlds. Representatives of this faction bow to no one, but have paid for their freedom with centuries of bloody wars against the Empire.

There is no rigid power structure or clear hierarchy in the Alliance. This faction doesn't pursue a policy of aggressive expansion (except the expansion of the mind), but from time to time accept free men into their ranks when one star system or another decides to throw off the yoke of the Empire. Trade is the Federation’s power and there no place in the known universe that was occupied by another faction without a Federation representative getting there first—whether to mine, sell, or explore the potential market.

The Federation cares about the development of technology. Its high quality ships are well equipped, speedy, and convenient for travel and transporting goods. Men of the Federation use weapons primarily for self-protection, which is why the Federation keeps developing portable and stationary devices to generate solid force fields.

As for their appearance, members of the Federation are known as rather democratic personalities. Expensive fabrics of superior design, exceptional comfort, and some extravagance distinguish their favorite apparel. However, in striving for the perfect appearance, members of the Alliance don’t neglect defense, hiding portable generators and power fields in their belts, or venom locators and virtual maps in their rings …

Their desire for security, taste for moderate adventure, love of luxury, and exceptional nose for profit are the main features that characterize representatives of the Federation faction.


During the 37th century former members of the Direktorium travel back to earth to seize evidence disproving the origins of the Emperor and are subsequently captured and executed for treason, inciting a rebellion across their home worlds. The ensuing outcry finds support in other planets as well as stirring quiet resentment from military units. Subsequent centuries marks the beginning of civil war between planets that supported the Empire for defeating Jericho and rebellion forces, based at the home worlds of the executed Direktorium members. The rebellion is supported by outlying world refusing to remain as raw material appendages to the empire and by members of wealthy, economically developed Inner Ring planets, hoping for administrative independence. The combined planets, after negotiations, begin to brand themselves as the Free World Federation.

Due to the Empire's superior firepower and numbers the rebellion is forced to adopt guerilla warfare to harass Imperial ships. Meanwhile, Federal emissaries develop active propaganda and successfully incite rebellions and riots in Imperial population centers. Realizing the immediate threat of protests the Empire agrees to the Federation and recognizes it as a legitimate social and political institution.

The 44th century saw Jericho committing attacks on any sector or planet without warning and prejudice, forcing Federation pilots to begin stealth assault on Jericho forces. Elite Federation pilots, known as the Vanguard, conduct an operation aimed at disrupting Jericho forces at the Sector of Bartle. The attack launches Jericho’s social organization into disarray as clans are cut off from operational centers, their people no longer obeying common will. Towards the end of the 44th century the Federation begins diplomatic negotiations with familial leaders to curb Jericho raids. Eventually, the Federation acts as a commercial intermediary between the Empire and Jericho.

A fragile peace follows up until 4610 where an Imperial Recon pilot dies during an examination of Sector 1337. The flight record shows nothing unusual beyond “giant constructions”. The Federation decides to send a squadron of Vanguard pilots to scout the new sector. Warned to take every possible precaution the Vanguard remains hidden as a drifting tech base is detected. They intercept the following message

«Bartle orders not to go in there. We found them, but it's deadly dangerous inside.»

Shocked and worried by this message Vanguard forces decide to retreat from the sector. This sector is the first among many to be abandoned as strange construction of ancient origin spring up in the neighboring planets. The ancient and mysterious civilization is subsequently named “The Precursors"

Characteristics of Federation Ships

Federation faction intro img.png
  • High Speed and Agility
  • Strong Capacitor
  • Mediocre Shields
  • Weak Hull

Federation ships excel at mobility and utility, but are fragile. Recommended for those that enjoy a fast, hit-and-run play style.

The Federation's primary ship roles

Their secondary ship roles are

The Federation factions



The Army and Navy are subject to the Government of the Federation and are intended to reflect the external threat to the free worlds. One of the largest naval associations is the Great Armada, which is in constant combat readiness and is in full force patrolling the Federation's territory. When individual ships are sent to the shipyard for repairs, their place in the line is immediately replaced by another without fail... the Armada never decays. Such a large force, ready to strike with the "fist of retribution", can even challenge the Empire, who's fleet is much larger. This causes both the Empire and Jericho to respect the sovereignty of the Federation.



Vanguard squadrons form the specialized fighter squadrons of the Federation fleet. The Vanguard conduct high-risk operations and exploration of distant planets and sectors. Prominent operations include the disruption of Jericho forces in the Sector of Bartle and the interception of a Jericho message warning of dangerous activity in sector 1337. Being the best of the Federation pilots, they use improved ships and systems. The Vanguard show their elitism with their white, blue-grey, and orange color scheme.