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:Game currency that a player can buy for real money or money in the game by trading and performing tasks.
:The use of this currency does not give advantages in battle, but can significantly increase the comfort of the game.
:Designation: {{GS}}
='''How to use GS?'''=
{|class="wikitable" style="float:right; margin-right: 0px" width="250px"
|+ '''Cost of Premium-license in GS'''
! Cost
! Duration
! 15500 {{GS}}
|180 days (6 months)
! 8500 {{GS}}
|90 days (3 months)
! 3000 {{GS}}
|30 days (1 month)
! 1000 {{GS}}
|7 days (1 week)
! 500 {{GS}}
|3 days (72 hours)
! 300 {{GS}}
|1 day (24 hours)
==Premium License==
''Main article: '''[[License]]'''''
The Premium license is a powerful tool if you plan on playing each day of its duration, it doubles your overall gains, gain limits (like synergy gain per OS session) and much more. The 2 extra loot searches for PvP and PvE (and other modes with loot searches) can mean the world of a difference if you want to farm rare loots, even if you don't have any other bonuses present, the license itself grants you the chance of higher gains as in higher chance of getting something very rare. The other important thing is the higher limit of experience gain in every mode because experience is a must-have at all times. Premium license doubles the Open Space experience overall gains as well as the gain limit which varies with each rank.
==Premium Ships==
The Premium ships are special powerful ships (in the right hands) that can be only bought or (as of lately) assembled via special parts.
The non-collectible and non-DLC premium ships offer the same kind of setup (more or less) as their non-premium counterparts but with an extra buff equaling one or half a mod stat (in rare occasions more) i.e. extra damage, critical chance or similar.
The collectible premium ships are a different story, they have a unique design and unique purpose. They often come with special modules available only to them. The good and the bad about them is that they are a one-trick-pony, when they do their one trick/fulfill their purpose, then that's pretty much it, although keep in mind that THAT one "trick" is a very good "trick". They can be played outside of their main purpose but that's mainly wasting a good potential in battle.
Premium ships do not have an upper hand versus standard ships in stats that could make them extremely unbalanced as some would like to think. Premium ships have a specific role to fulfill and that's being able to provide that specific playstyle an experienced player needs in a whole different level. For instance a player wanting to be the best support for his team would do his best gathering (and/or buying) Brokk parts since Brokk is the only specialized engineer ship aside from Octopus (which is a special project ship), it's only natural for a good player perfecting himself in what he does best.
There are 200+ ships in the game and there's probably more to come, standard ships offer everything except leisure bonuses like premiums have, premiums offer a lesser modularity in builds and plays and standard premium bonuses written in each description. For those lucky enough to perfect their skill in something, there will always be a ship that will just come perfect afterwards, may it be a standard, premium or special project, the choice is yours.
==Modifiers, useful in Open space==
You can buy [[Spatial Scanner]] and [[Extended Hull]] for GS.
The Spatial scanners and the Extended hulls modifiers are the very basic premium content and a wise investment for your future gameplays. The Spatial scanner is a CPU modifier that grants additional critical chance while the Extended hull is a hull modifier that grants additional hull strength. Other than the modifier part, they have other features for Open Space. The scanner shows hidden treasures while the Extended hull offers more cargo space for collecting those treasures.
==Ship design==
''Main article: '''[[Tuning]]'''
Customization is also a feature that uses GS, so if you feel like customizing your ship, you will need GS to do so.
==Buying and upgrading equipment==
You can spend your GS for buying some and improving all the weapons, modules and modifiers.
==Fourth combat slot==
At the beginning of the game, the pilot has three out of four available combat slots.
The fourth slot is opened when the player reaches the 12th clearance level.
Using the GS, you can open the fourth battle slot at the 7th clearance level.
Initially, only one of four crews is available to the pilot.
The remaining crews are given on reaching 15 [[Advancement| clearance level]].
Using the GS, they can be opened earlier.
{|class="wikitable" style="float:right; margin-right: 0px" width="250px"''Обмен валюты''
|+ Exchange of GS for credits
! Amount of credits
! Cost
| 140'000 {{CR}}
| 20 {{GS}}
| 740'000 {{CR}}
| 100 {{GS}}
| 7'700'000 {{CR}}
| 1'000 {{GS}}
| 19'900'000 {{CR}}
| 2'500 {{GS}}
| 41'200'000 {{CR}}
| 5'000 {{GS}}
| 87'500'000 {{CR}}
| 10'000 {{GS}}
==Exchange to {{CR}}==
If you do not have enough credits for an important purchase, you can always exchange GS for loans. The greater the volume of the transaction, so it is more profitable for you!
==Getting more [[iridium]]==
After winning a battle, you can find artifacts in trophies.
You can disassemble them at {{I}}.
Disassembling can be free or paid (for GS). In the latter case, you extract more iridium from the item.
In the game store for GS you can purchase bundles with details of rare ships and their craftable special modules.
==Change of pilot's name==
You can change your name directly in the game client by paying for the service in the GS.
==Portraits and [[taunts]]==
For the GS you can buy the portrait you like and the taunt that your opponents will see if you have destroyed them.
==Reset [[karma]]==
For GS, you can reset the karma that the pilot receives in [[Open Space]] to 0.
='''How to get GS?'''=
==Direct purchase of a package of GS==
Each package contains a fixed number of GS.
For the purchase of 10'000 GS pilot will receive a guaranteed gift!
'''Note:''' the larger the package, the less you pay for one GS.
==Buying a game pack containing GS==
By purchasing a game pack (DLC) you:
*Beneficially get GS
*Additionally, get some game items and services.
*Purchase unique products that cannot be purchased inside the game <ref> Unique products are not present in all game packs </ref>
==Winning in competitions==
On game forum [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/forum/180-events-tournaments-read-only/ eng] and social networks [https://www.facebook.com/StarConflict eng] different competitions are often held.
In some of the competitions, Galactic Standards are the prizes.
GS can be used to trade resources, items, blueprints with other players. 10% commission is taken.
==Game task==
With a certain interval, the players are given the “Veteran” task, which allows them to receive 500 GS for completing [[Tasks#Regular tasks|regular tasks]] in the game.
='''How can I buy GS?'''=
==Game site==
GS and [[DLC|DLC packs]] can be bought in [http://star-conflict.com/en/store/ game shop].
==Steam shop==
GS and [[DLC|DLC packs]] can be bought in [http://store.steampowered.com/app/212070/?snr=1_200_200_Free+to+Play_tab-NewReleasesFilteredDLC_3 Steam shop].

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