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Used to protect areas such as beacons. It has the most survivability in the game.

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Guard.png Guard frigates are designed to protect teammates from enemies and deny areas to the enemy. Guard frigates have strong shields and many defensive abilities, as well as one of the best area effect damaging abilities in the game in the Pulsar. They also have a mobility debuff that is very dangerous to interceptors. However their special abilities are all short range and they are slow to get in position and lack firepower with their primary weapons.


Phase Shield

Phase Shield increases the Guard's shield resistance to a single damage type by 100. It is always on, and activating the ability switches the damage type it absorbs. In addition, whenever the Guard is hit by the damage type its Phase Shield is attuned to it grants a 25% damage bonus for 5 seconds.

Guard Modules

Anti-Missile Shield

One of the Guard's signature abilities, the anti-missile shield shoots down enemy missiles on a short cooldown. It is especially effective against Jericho Long Range Frigate's torpedoes, but gives decent protection against other missiles as well. It is less effective against "swarm" missiles such as the firestorm or Octopus, since the AMS will only shoot down one missile of the group.

Mass Propulsion Inhibitor

The Mass Propulsion Inhibitor disables afterburners and strafing for any ships in a short range of the Guard. This ability makes Guard frigates very dangerous for interceptors to be around, since it prevents them from circling the Guard to stay in its blind spot as they normally would, and will seriously hamper them while fighting other ships.


An area effect weapon that deals continuous thermal damage to any enemies that stick around. It's an excellent area denial weapon and will force all but the toughest interceptors to run away or die. It has a short range and is broken by line of sight, so most ships will try to outrange it or hide behind objects until it's over.

Emergency Shield Boost and Liquid Metal Injector

Two very powerful self repair modules that restore a large amount of shield and hull respectively to the guard.


Jericho are the main faction for Guard frigates, with the Federation also having some available. Jericho frigates are tougher while the Federation's are faster.

The Jericho Techs and Federation Vanguard offer Mk 3 Guard modules.


Used to protect areas such as beacons. It has the most survivability in the game.