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Appearance of the ship with special module Hive
Thar'Ga with Hive

Type: Special module

For ship: Thar'Ga Role attack.png


Upon activation detaches 3 drones from crystal hull part.
If the module is deactivated manually, survived drones return and repair 3460/3660/3740/3900/4200 ship hull pts.


Depend on ship's rank (7-8/9-10/11-12/13-14/15). Characteristics are shown for 1 drone.

  • Drone: DPS (thermal): 370/390/400/420/450 dmg./s.
  • Drone: damage (thermal): 370/390/400/420/450 dmg.
  • Drone: rate of fire: 60 rounds/min
  • Drone: weapon range: 1750 m.
  • Drone: durability: 1235/1305/1335/1395/1500 pts.
  • Drone: active time: 7 s.
  • Host damage: 880/960/1060/1160/1280 dmg.
  • Energy consumption: 44/48/53/58/64 en.
  • Recharge: 30 s.

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