Iridium Haul

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Iridium Haul (view).jpg
Sector Former Jericho sectors
System Pallas
Position Iridium Haul
PvE-mode Active
Zone difficulty High
Min. clearance level 12
Cargo drone No
Transitions to other locations Transport Hub, Mining Site, Outpost, Iridium Strand
The location is present in PvP Arena No
The location is present in Missions No


Iridium Haul (view)1.jpg

A former station for extraction and processing of iridium. Experiments with this material were carried out successfully and even managed to gain some popularity on the black market among cybers.

The laboratories were destroyed as a result of the violent alien attack. Today you can meet only marauders and cybers here, eternally gnawing at each other.

Location panorama

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