Isotope Harvester

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Isotope Harvester

Type: Active module.

Group: Suppressor Class modules.

For ranks: 12-17.

For ship: Tyrant Suppressor.png


Drone generates a 500 m. field and approaches the ship.
All enemies in the field get EM damage depending on the distance to the drone.
Upon reaching the ship, the drone restores shields proportional to damage dealt.


Parameters Isotope Harvester 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Periphery DPS (EM) 1468 dmg./s. +144 dmg./s. +145 dmg./s. +93 dmg./s.
Core DPS (EM) 4892 dmg./s. +480 dmg./s. +484 dmg./s. +312 dmg./s.
Firing range (max.) 4100 m.
Drone: max. speed 750 m./s.
Drone: maneuverability 120 deg./s.
Laucher rotation speed 90 deg./s.
Module durability 9360 pts.
Damage on destruction 3000 dmg.
Energy consumption 495 en.
Recharge 40 s.
Cost Manufacturing 756000Currency credits.png 1512000Currency credits.png 3528000Currency credits.png


Isotope Harvester (art).jpg

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