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Long Range.png Long Range Frigates (or LRFs) do exactly what their description suggests. They have long range special weapons designed to deal damage from far away, and are unique in that these abilities vary depending on whether the LRF is Empire or Jericho. However they are slow and have poor defense, so any enemy that closes with them will make short work of them.



The Disintegrator is the long range weapon of Empire LRFs. It is essentially a classical sniper rifle. When used the LRF will stop and the view switches to a zoomed in scope. The disintegrator fires a thin beam of thermal energy that damages an enemy if it hits. The Disintegrator gives off a telltale laser sight when aimed near someone, allowing them to see if they're about to be sniped and from which direction.

Guided Torpedo

The Guided Torpedo is the long range weapon of Jericho LRFs. When fired the view switches to that of the torpedo and the pilot can then fly the torpedo to its target. When detonated it deals damage in a 300m radius. The main weakness of the torpedo is that it can be shot down by Guard frigates' Anti-Missile Systems, so it should not be used on targets with Guards near them.

Long Range Frigate Modules

Weapon Overcharge

The Weapon Overcharge greatly improves the damage of the LRF's special ability when it is next used.

Tachyon Charge

The Tachyon Charge greatly improves the shot speed of the LRF's special ability when it is next used.

IR Pulsar

The IR Pulsar disables the targeting systems of any enemy currently locked on to the LRF.

EM Scattering Field

The EM Scattering Field hides the LRF from enemy sensors and prevents any enemies from locking on to it. Unlike other stealth and cloaking devices it is not broken by firing, but it is broken if the LRF moves.


The Empire produce LRFs armed with disintegrators, while Jericho produce LRFs armed with guided torpedoes.

The Empire Wardens and Jericho Raid offer Mk 3 LRF modules.


The LRF is designed to deal high damage from long range. All LRFs are slow, fragile and difficult to move in to position. The disintegrator has the potential to do much more damage, but requires line of sight with the target and is easily traced back to its source, so is easy to hide from. Guided torpedoes do considerably lower damage over time, though they can do it with an area of effect, and can steer around corners, but the torpedo is almost completely neutralised by Guard frigates. LRFs are the only role in the game with 6 turrets, so their damage with conventional weapons is quite good, though their weak tank means they should focus on fire support, and avoid getting in to brawls.