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As the name suggests[1], this class involves combat pilots battle against bots[2], Under the artificial intelligence.

Characteristic features

Team Size

A team of 4 pilots[3]. Each pilot can slot up to 4 ships but only take one ship into battle per stage.


Each mission is broken into several phases[4]. After each stage all ships are repaired as "New" and restocked with ammo. Stages can offer ' special conditions '. For example, constant restoration of a shields to all ships and/or hull repair.

Recovering a downed ally

PvE is a mode that does not offer an auto-respawn upon destruction of a ship unless the current stage objective is complete and another stage is about to begin. If your ally's ship is destroyed, you can recover it. For this purpose it is necessary to fly up to the wreck of his ship and purchase a duplicator with GS[5], or by using a duplicator from your inventory. If you are destroyed, you can recover your ship by purchasing a duplicator with GS or by using a duplicator from your inventory. Keep in mind that once all the individual player's ships picked for a certain stage are destroyed, the mission will end up a failure.

Mission List

Mission Description Acceptable Rank Ship

Fire support

We received a distress signal from the complex 'Naberia-392'. UMC recon squad is requesting fire support. Our people were carrying out an investigation at the plant. They were looking for a connection between the plant and the dangerous criminal — Miss Summer. They have just informed us about the attack of unknown ships. You are going to be very dose to the surface of a planetoid. An old Federation plant was remodeled a few years ago, that had been used to build ships and modules for pirates and Cybers. Now its empty, but the machinery and automatic defence systems are still online. The enemy uses an unknown technology for opening portals. We can not predict how many opponents you are going to face. In addition, our scanners are detecting an unusually large object approaching the plant. Exercise extreme caution. 1 - 15
Maps BlackwoodShipyard.jpg

Blackwood Shipyard

At the very beginning of the Invasion, the Blackwood corporation lost control over an experimental shipyard controlled by artificial intelligence. Investigation reports show that the Al was affected by some unknown virus. Imperial command does not interfere with the situation, as all fleet resources are concentrated on fighting off the Invasion forces. This is where you come in, mercenaries. However, Blackwood is interested in keeping their research, and the corporation's engineers are developing and implementing various new programs, aimed at regaining control over the AI. 1 - 15
Hidden maintenance shop — loadscreen.png

Captured Dreadnought

After the Aliens attacks, the Imperial Dreadnought 'Ares' was seriously damaged, but not destroyed. With the current level of supply, the Empire cannot repair all of the dreadnought's security systems, and that is why it's important not to allow the pirates to capture it! They may try to steal its surviving equipment, or restore some of its engine and weapon systems. Now it is up to you mercs, to protect the Dreadnought from these lowlifes in the name of the Empire. We won't forget your favor! 1 - 15

Defence Contract

Mercenaries! Peaceful worlds are under threat! Pirates are attacking the sectors defense infrastructure. General population is helpless. You are our last hope and line of defense! Attention! We managed to intercept and decrypt the attackers' transmissions. But it's just gibberish. Looks like they're on drugs, completely out of their minds. Be ready for anything. Intel suggests someone else is behind the attacks on sectors. Somebody is luring these madmen to us, coordinating their every step. Maybe it's someone even more dangerous than we thought. Remember, millions of lives depend on you! 2 - 15

Ellydium Raid

A recently formed structure 'Ellydium' is engaged in research of Alien technology and study of the properties of Iridium. They constructed a prototype installation for the processing and the practical application of Iridium in military areas and followed it up with a number of successful experiments in this area. According to intelligence reports, the Cartel is behind this organization. We have to carry out a raid to seize the 'extra' Iridium from the 'Ellydium' base and hand it over to more loyal groups. 6 - 15
800px-Operation Crimson Haze — loadscreen-2.png

Operation Crimson Haze

Our family has long been battling Cybers, outcasts resorting to piracy. They are constantly plaguing us with attacks on convoys, trying to profit from implant theft and capturing family-controlled zones. Cybers never posed a serious threat, but recently scouts in one of the zones in Solaris system discovered an unidentified object resembling a radar installation for long-range signature scans. We have data that allows us to believe Cybers are behind this. Family agents are watching them, trying to understand exactly what the Cybers are studying with this installation. Given the situation, the family cannot afford a large-scale attack on this outpost, but suspects that the information collected by the Cybers can be very valuable. 6 - 15
Processing rig — loadscreen.png

Processing rig

Mining rig is a key object bringing profits to its owners. It's not just an important part of the sectors resource base — it is also used as an outpost. Cartel forces have been trying to capture it for a long time to reap the credits and move deeper into Federation zones. Finally, when the Federation sectors were invaded by Aliens, the Cartel seized the opportunity to capture the station together with a cargo ship, and started building up defenses. Losing the station means undermining the Federation's economic potential in the nearby systems, affecting the fight with Aliens. This is why regaining control of the station is an important mission trusted to the mercenaries. 6 - 15
800px-Pirate complex — loadscreen.png

Pirate Fort Raid

Frontier sector FX-1 has become a haven for pirates of all kinds. Since the beginning of the Invasion, renegades have started a black market for artifacts and experimental Alien technology. And for those who have money and connections, pirate engineers may well help equip ships with Alien technology. The last operation to recruit a group of pirates to work for our cause was successful — the Pirates have agreed to steal a transport full of artifacts and Alien technology from their base. You have to provide cover. 11 - 15
800px-Secret shipyard raid — loadscreen.png

Operation Ice Belt

The Cartel has made great effort to attack the Federation systems, as they have a powerful fleet of ships in their possession. During the invasion, the Aliens attacked the Cartel flagship — it was seriously damaged, yet still retained combat capability... The Cartel is repairing the Dreadnought to continue the attack. And we don't want that to happen, do we? Since all the Federation fleet forces have been sent to defend the systems from the invasion, it is vital to prevent the Cartel from restoring the dreadnought and using it to continue attacks on our positions. 11 - 15

  1. PvE - That means 'player against environment'
  2. Ships, turrets, and other obstacles in the environment.
  3. В Number of pilots to complete the battle may differ.
  4. Usually the mission is divided into 3 phases
  5. Galactic Standards - Currency purchased in game