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:Unfriendly non-player ships will appear in red. These will engage you if you get too close.  
:Unfriendly non-player ships will appear in red. These will engage you if you get too close.  
:Alien ships will appear in purple. Again, these will engage you if you get too close.
:Alien ships will appear in purple. Again, these will engage you if you get too close.
:In certain zones, Alien Incursions occur. The HUD goes fuzzy, Aliens will invade, and a side quest will automatically open. Alien attacks last only a short time before the aliens leave if not destroyed.

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"Undock into open space, full of mercenaries, pirates and loot."

What is Open Space

Open space is the open world "sandbox mode" of Star Conflict, and is at the heart of the game. After choosing a faction, a player can undock from their current faction's station and fly wherever they want, to do whatever they want. Options include:

  • Completing missions and side errands.
  • Fighting AI enemies, such as Aliens and Pirates.
  • Fighting other players or teaming up.
  • Looking for resources and crafting materials.
  • Moving to another faction's station.
  • Player-to-Player "private trading" (via dropped cargo).


Players may be given Quests from NPC's in the station, which reward credits and ship synergy.
Players also have access to several daily quests, which are activated when entering the quest zone. These appear as blue exclamation marks (!) when viewing the galaxy map. There are about three quest active at a time, and completing one or more will activate new quests.

Player ships will appear in blue if station protection is active, or orange if not.
Friendly ships will appear as blue.
Unfriendly non-player ships will appear in red. These will engage you if you get too close.
Alien ships will appear in purple. Again, these will engage you if you get too close.

All zones are separated by warp gates. Travelling via the warp gates doesn't require fuel anymore.
You can warp to any of the sectors directly from the map view if you visited them previously. However - only to faction home sectors it is free. To any other sectors it costs 10 iridium.
TAB to view zone map, showing all ships in sensor range, quest objectives (!) and warp gates to adjacent zones.
M to view sector map.
These will appear randomly all over the map, usually in some dark corner of ship wreckage. Just like in other game modes, green power-ups will repair your ship hull, red ones will increase your damage output, and yellow ones increase your ship's speed for a short time.

Station Protection

All ships enter open space under station protection, unless disabled by the player.
Station protection prevents all damage from other players and including collision damage.
Station protection is switched OFF when the player warps to a PvP zone. This means other players can attack & destroy you. Warp gates will show DANGEROUS ZONE when they lead to a PvP zone. Station Protection will be re-enabled when warping back into non-PvP zones.
Ships NOT under station protection will appear in orange to others.
A ship NOT under Station Protection cannot be attacked by a player WITH station protection, and vice-versa. Both players need to have Station Protection OFF in order to damage each other.


The player starts with +0 total karma, and may then permanently increase this value by attacking and destroying unfriendly targets (pirates, cartel ships etc.) or decrease it by attacking friendly ones.
Damaging a friendly AI or another player will temporarily make you an "aggressor". This highlights you in red to other players, and you are able to be killed by other players that have the 'Station Protection' removed (OFF). Aggressor status will wear off after 30s if you don't shoot any further.
Destroying a friendly AI or another player will mark you as a "Criminal". Players with Criminal status can also be attacked by any players with the 'Station Protection' removed (OFF). In addition, police AI will engage you if they are in the system and attempt to destroy you. The faction turrets, missile batteries, and Station Defenders will all attack you as well. Criminal status will wear off after 300s if you don't kill anyone else.

Aggression System

Learn the Open Space Aggression System in details.


There is loot protection, only a player that destroyed the ship can pick up the dropped container.
Loot may consist of a small credit reward container, weapon or module.
Loot containers can be looted within a 300m radius for interceptor and fighters (Default C). For frigates the range is 400m and for Destroyers 900.
Loot also randomly spawns in fixed locations in zones.
This is the term describing players staying in/around a location for a long period of time in order to collect a large amount of resource, whether that be credits, karma, or crafting materials.
This is the term describing players searching around asteroids in a zone for randomly-appearing raw materials, used for crafting. Some zones drop only specific type of ore - i.e Iridium Spines drops only Graphite ore.
Cargo drone
Some zones have a cargo drone that will return the contents of your ship cargo to the station in exchange for 10% of their value. These drones will return to their location shortly after being used. They are used as an aid to farming a location without having to return to the station when the players' cargo becomes full.

Cargo Drone Locations

SC Universe map

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Game modes