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"Undock into open space, full of mercenaries, pirates and loot."

What is Open Space

Open space is the open world "sandbox mode" of Star Conflict, and is at the heart of the game. After choosing a faction, a player can undock from their current faction's station and fly wherever they want, to do whatever they want. Options include:

  • Completing missions and side errands.
  • Fighting AI enemies, such as Aliens and Pirates.
  • Fighting other players or teaming up.
  • Looking for resources and crafting materials.
  • Moving to another faction's station.
  • Player-to-Player "private trading" (via dropped cargo).


Players may be given Quests from NPC's in the station, which reward credits and ship synergy.
Players also have access to several daily quests, which are activated when entering the quest zone. These appear as blue exclamation marks (!) when viewing the galaxy map. There are about three quest active at a time, and completing one or more will activate new quests.

Player ships will appear in blue if station protection is active, or orange if not.
Friendly ships will appear as blue.
Unfriendly non-player ships will appear in red. These will engage you if you get too close.
Alien ships will appear in purple. Again, these will engage you if you get too close.

All zones are separated by warp gates. Travelling via the warp gates doesn't require fuel anymore.
You can warp to any of the sectors directly from the map view if you visited them previously. However - only to faction home sectors it is free. To any other sectors it costs 10 iridium.
TAB to view zone map, showing all ships in sensor range, quest objectives (!) and warp gates to adjacent zones.
M to view sector map.
These will appear randomly all over the map, usually in some dark corner of ship wreckage. Just like in other game modes, green power-ups will repair your ship hull, red ones will increase your damage output, and yellow ones increase your ship's speed for a short time.

Station Protection

All ships enter open space under station protection, unless disabled by the player.
Station protection prevents all damage from other players and including collision damage.
Station protection is switched OFF when the player warps to a PvP zone. This means other players can attack & destroy you. Warp gates will show DANGEROUS ZONE when they lead to a PvP zone. Station Protection will be re-enabled when warping back into non-PvP zones.
Ships NOT under station protection will appear in orange to others.
A ship NOT under Station Protection cannot be attacked by a player WITH station protection, and vice-versa. Both players need to have Station Protection OFF in order to damage each other.


The player starts with +0 total karma, and may then permanently increase this value by attacking and destroying unfriendly targets (pirates, cartel ships etc.) or decrease it by attacking friendly ones.
Damaging a friendly AI or another player will temporarily make you an "aggressor". This highlights you in red to other players, and you are able to be killed by other players that have the 'Station Protection' removed (OFF). Aggressor status will wear off after 30s if you don't shoot any further.
Destroying a friendly AI or another player will mark you as a "Criminal". Players with Criminal status can also be attacked by any players with the 'Station Protection' removed (OFF). In addition, police AI will engage you if they are in the system and attempt to destroy you. The faction turrets, missile batteries, and Station Defenders will all attack you as well. Criminal status will wear off after 300s if you don't kill anyone else.

Aggression System

Learn the Open Space Aggression System in details.


There is loot protection, only a player that destroyed the ship can pick up the dropped container.
Loot may consist of a small credit reward container, weapon or module.
Loot containers can be looted within a 300m radius for interceptor and fighters (Default C). For frigates the range is 400m and for Destroyers 900.
Loot also randomly spawns in fixed locations in zones.
This is the term describing players staying in/around a location for a long period of time in order to collect a large amount of resource, whether that be credits, karma, or crafting materials.
This is the term describing players searching around asteroids in a zone for randomly-appearing raw materials, used for crafting. Some zones drop only specific type of ore - i.e Iridium Spines drops only Graphite ore.
Cargo drone
Some zones have a cargo drone that will return the contents of your ship cargo to the station in exchange for 10% of their value. These drones will return to their location shortly after being used. They are used as an aid to farming a location without having to return to the station when the players' cargo becomes full.

Cargo Drone Locations

SC Universe map

SC Universe EN 1920.jpg
Game modes
This page is a duplicate of OPEN SPACE

Open Space is scheduled for a rework! More information will be available soon.

What is Open Space

Open space is the open world "sandbox mode" of Star Conflict, and is at the heart of the game. After choosing a faction, a player can undock from their current faction's station and fly wherever they want, to do whatever they want. Options include:

  • Completing missions and side errands.
  • Fighting AI enemies, such as Aliens and Pirates.
  • Fighting other players or teaming up.
  • Looking for resources and crafting materials.
  • Moving to another faction's station.
  • Player-to-Player "private trading" (via dropped cargo).

Open Space Basics

"Listen up Mercs, these are the basics you need to know! Otherwise, you won't get far."

Systems and Sectors

Open Space is divided into several systems... these are the boxes on the map. In each system, there are multiple sectors (or "maps") where you fly around and interact with the Open World. You go to different sectors through Jump Gates, more on those soon.


There is a lot of junk floating around in space! Much of it is valuable, though: Loot items are rocks, crystals, spaceship parts, or containers that you can collect and place in your ship's cargo bay. Most enemies drop loot when they are destroyed, so don't be afraid to fight AI enemies if you are not having much luck with finding resources.

To pick up a piece of loot, fly close to it until the prompt appears ("press C to pick up ____")... and press [C]. You will have to wait a moment while your ship's tractor beam tows the cargo to your ship. When this is done, the loot appears in your Cargo Bay.

Cargo Bay

Each ship has space used for carrying whatever treasures you discover in Open Space back to base for credits, loyalty, or crafting materials. Each ship class has a limited number of cargo slots:

  • Interceptors have 3 slots
  • Fighters have 5 slots
  • Frigates have 6 slots
  • Destroyers have a whopping 12 slots

If you run out of space, or you don't want a particular piece of space junk, you can jettison it by activating the mouse curser and clicking on the object in your cargo bay (which can be shown by pressing [ i ]). You can pick jettisoned cargo back up if you want. If you destroy another player in Open Space, they will drop whatever they were carrying in their Cargo Bay as loot containers. This is the essence of Open Space pirating.


Your ship has a fuel tank... without fuel, your engines won't work. You consume fuel for almost everything you do in Open Space, from using afterburners to active modules. You always start with 100 fuel (a full tank). You can find Fuel Cells (glowing blue cans of goodness) in nearly every sector, usually around destroyed cargo ships. But be careful, enemies often guard these Fuel caches...

When you pick up a Fuel Cell, it will automatically be used to fill your fuel tank. Any extra fuel goes into your cargo bay. You can use fuel in your cargo bay to refill your fuel tank by pressing [O]. This is extremely important: you can fill your cargo bay with fuel cells to keep yourself topped-off for long trips! As stated above, you can jettison any fuel you don't need.

Jump Gates

Jump Gates look like giant blue portals... which is exactly what they are. Jump Gates allow travel between different sectors and systems. However, warping vast distances use up a LOT of fuel... around 25 fuel each jump (your ship carries 100 fuel at full tank)! Make sure to carry some fuel with you, especially if you will be making several jumps.

Blue gates are Jumps that are available to you. When you jump into a sector, you are invincible for a short time, or until you fire your weapons.

Red gates are Jumps that your ship cannot use because the ship your flying doesn't have a jump drive that's powerful enough. Flying up to a red Gate will display a message that tells you what rank ship you need to use that specific Jump Gate. Mouseing-over a sector on the map will also display what ship rank you need to access that sector.

There are huge, green portals with rocks floating around them. These are not ours... they are alien portals! jumping through one of these will send you to alien-controlled space. BE CAREFUL! Alien sectors are very dangerous, and are swarming with aliens! There is usually some good loot and lucrative missions in these sectors, though.

Station Protection

Automatically turned on by default, Station Protection prevents you from damaging yourself through collisions, and prevents other players from damaging you. This is meant to allow newer players to become accustomed to the game without being dominated by veteran players. This is also for long-time players who do not care for PvP, or do not wish to be attacked by random mercs in Open Space.

In certain sectors, Station Protection will be forced off, and such sectors are usually labeled "Dangerous Sector" or "PVP Sector" to warn you. Players can damage each other and you can take damage from collisions. ALSO, in PvP zones, there is less of a reputation penalty for attacking other players, and you do not obtain "criminal" status unless you attack friendly AI (more on Reputation later).

Changing Stations

If you don't want to pay the fine for instant transfer, you can fly directly to another faction's station to change faction/stations. Doing so will also open that faction's missions for you to play. You will need a rank 7 ship to go between the Federation and the Empire. The Jericho, with their self-imposed isolation, are currently only available to fly to if you have a rank 10 ship. Until then, you will have to pay credits.

Missions and Quests

"Time to do some work for your faction! Your loyalty will be rewarded."


Missions are special assignments that members of a faction give you. Completing a mission earns you credits and synergy. This is explained more in-depth on another page, but the basics apply here:

You accept missions in the hanger of your faction's station. Once you have done this, a yellow ! appears over the sector where the mission takes place on the map. When you launch into Open Space, the yellow ! will float over Jump Gates that you need to go through to reach the mission area. A tally of the mission status is on the right side of the HUD.

When you have completed the mission, you must return to the station to receive your reward. If you happen to die after completing a mission, you will still get the reward!


Quests (AKA: "Jobs", "Errands") are much the same as Missions, but you can have multiple Quests at the same time (up to 4) Quests are visible on the map as blue !, but they do not appear over Jump Gates. You must use the map to route to a quest sector. Upon entering the quest sector, you will be given a brief prompt informing you of what you need to accomplish.

When you complete a quest, the reward is given to you immediately, unlike Missions. After completing all available quests, return to your faction's station to generate more!

  • For both Missions and Quests, most of them are progressive. This means that, aside from assassination and escort missions, you can do some of the mission, die or log out, and come back to finish it later.

For example: You must collect 5 minerals in a sector. You fly there and collect 3 of them, but then you are ambushed by aliens and are killed! Your mission progress was saved, and next time you arrive to that sector, you will still only need to collect 2 more minerals!


"Open Space is much more than loot and players. There is a whole universe out there!"


There are many enemies you will encounter in Open Space. They get more powerful and dangerous the further away from the stations you go, and the higher ranked the sector is. All enemies except certain aliens will attack you if you get too close (around 3000m for most enemies) or if you attack them. Here are the basic enemies:

  • Pirates

Exactly what they sound like, down to the nasty radio messages they send when they attack. In higher-ranked sectors, they will shoot missiles and use active modules on you!

  • Cartel Pilots

Black Market dealers and thugs... pretty much like the Pirates, they will shoot missiles and use modules in higher-ranked sectors.

  • Cybers

Jericho renegades and various rebels, these pilots generally fly Jericho ships, and act much like pirates/Cartel above.

  • Cargo Ships (usually Cybers)

See Cargo Ships / Escorts below.

  • Biomorphs (aliens)

Glowing-green rocklike creatures. Some look like human ships, others look totally bizarre. They mostly use EM weapons and make odd sounds when they are angry. There are different types of aliens.


There are a number of allied NCPs you will come across as well. These will be on your team as long as you don't shoot at them. If you damage them, your reputation will decrease, and they will likely fire back. Guards/Police units and Cargo Escorts will radio all players in the sector for help if they are attacked by AI enemies or hostile players, and helping the allied AI when they call for help will increase your reputation (more on this later). Here are most of them:

  • Imperial Guardsmen, Military Police, Federal Sheriffs, and Family Guard.

These AI come in squads of four, and will roam about a sector and engage any enemies they come across. Think twice about getting on their bad side... they are more powerful versions of player-flown ships, and are often considered "OP"! They will radio for assistance when fighting difficult hostile AI, or when fighting a hostile player, and helping them do so will increase your reputation.

  • Miners, Explorers, Treasure Hunters, and Scavengers.

NPCs flying small ships, they come in groups of 3 or may be alone. They are weak, and often attacked by hostile AI. They do not call for help when attacked.

  • Cargo Ships and their Escorts.

Cargo ships are large, slow vessels that placidly cruise through sectors carrying cargo from one Jump Gate to another by the various factions (there are friendly and hostile cargo ships). They are escorted by 2-4 Escort ships what will fire upon enemy ships that attack or get too close. Sometimes, you may be called upon to help escort the cargo ship... stay within about 500m of the ship and help fight off any attackers! They will call out for help when attacked (you can turn off AI radio in the settings if wanted), and successfully fending off enemies from an attacked cargo ship will increase your reputation.


There is only one "neutral" NPC: Bounty Hunters. Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes hostile. They are very tough tank-like ships that can take a lot of damage and will fire long-range missiles and EM cannons at you if hostile.

Karma (reputation)

"You make a name for yourself, either a good one or otherwise"

There is a reputation system in Star Conflict, referred to as "Karma". Doing "good" actions such as destroying hostile NPCs and helping allied NPCs that have called for help, will increase your Karma rating (shown at the top of the HUD). Getting enough Karma will allow you to gain Karma levels, which other players can see when they lock onto you. In this way, another player can assess whether you are a friendly player or a dangerous one.

Doing "bad" actions, such as attacking friendly NPCs and players will earn you negative Karma. If you get enough negative reputation, you will be labeled as "wanted" or a "criminal". If you are labeled in this way, you will be attacked by friendly NPCs as well as enemy NCPs! It is also very difficult to return to the station without dying in this state, since the missile batteries surrounding each station, along with the local guard units, will attack you on sight.

Attacking other players and friendly NPCs while you are not a "criminal" will simple result in you gaining "aggressor" status for a period of time. The effects are similar to "Criminal" status, but the effects will go away after a short time.

Color Coding

"Your scanner system will automatically identify friend from foe"

When another ship lights up on your HUD, it will be highlighted by a specific color, denoting it's disposition towards you / your faction:

  • Blue

Friendly. Blue AI will not attack you and Blue players have "good" Karma.

  • Green

Players who are in your squad. You cannot damage squad members.

  • Red

Enemies. Red AI will attack you, and Red players have either "Aggressor" or "Criminal" status, and can attack you if you have Station Protection off.

  • Purple

Aliens and Cybers. Will attack you on sight or within a certain distance.

  • Yellow

Players who have bad Karma but are not an "Aggressor" or "criminal"... be cautious around these mercs! In PvP zones, all players (except squad members) are labeled Yellow by default since Station Protection is turned off.