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Rank 8:  [[Wolf]]
Rank 8:  [[Wolf]]
Rank 9:  [[Desert Eagle]], [[Nukem I]], [[Wolf-M]]
Rank 9:  [[Achilles]], [[Desert Eagle]], [[Nukem I]], [[Wolf-M]]
Rank 10: [[Prometheus Fire]]
Rank 10: [[Prometheus Fire]]

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Type: Special module

For ship type: Role attack.png


Increases the rate of fire, energy regeneration, maximum speed, speed of strafe and rotation by 50% for 8 sec.

Ships on which Overdrive can be installed

Rank 1: Hercules

Rank 3: Hercules Rage

Rank 4: Lynx Mk II

Rank 5: Deimos, Ghost, Joker

Rank 6: Deimos 2, Kalah

Rank 7: Phobos

Rank 8: Wolf

Rank 9: Achilles, Desert Eagle, Nukem I, Wolf-M

Rank 10: Prometheus Fire

Rank 11: Castor, Tiger-M

Rank 12: Argonaut, Orelus

Rank 13: Apollo

Rank 14: Piranha-B2

Rank 15: Lightbringer, Spark, Mjolnir

Rank 16: Wolfhound


  • Energy consumption: 55/62/70/77/84 en.
  • Recharge: 35 s.

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