Plasma Discharger

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Plasma Discharger

Type: EM weapon.

For ship: Dyrnwyn ECM.png

For ranks: 15-17.


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Every hit reduces this weapon's spread for 33.3% for 5 s., but no more than 83%.
If the target dies, its allies in 2000 m. range lose 5000 energy points.

Weapon history

The ship Dyrnwyn was created even before the war with Aliens as a special commission for ceremonies by the Templars: an organization that conducts all ceremonies in the Empire.
Originally it was intended only for escorting VIPs. Its shiny and slightly pretentious, according to imperial standards, hull conceals deadly systems of electronic suppression, capable of taking many enemies out of action. But the main surprise for the enemies was to be the “Plasma Discharger”...
War scattered the fragments of the Empire. Templars, this most secretive part of the Wardens, which was previously subordinate to the Inquisition, was rumoured to survive and even retain a semblance of order somewhere on the edge of the inhabited part of the universe. Right now we're hardly getting any data from the systems that were closest to the Sun. But some technologies, previously hidden, sometimes become available to all mercenaries.

Secret report of the “Steel Legion” special research group

….According to our tests of the object obtained through our mutual friends from the west, an interesting side effect was revealed: with a critical detonation of the charge, a special area with a negative energy field index is created that “attracts” energy with a positive charge to bring the system to a conditional zero. Recommendations: the installation of this weapon is suitable for mass battles. Destruction of a single shop leads to a decrease in the energy reserve of others while maintaining the physical shell”.

From the report of the special department of the “Republic of Separate Worlds

We are witnessing an unexpected arrival of the latest secret imperial weapon prototypes on the market. We have documented cases of these weapons used by Ironside mercenaries, and former legionaries. Also, this weapon has become available on the black market among mercenaries.
It's particularly dangerous in mass battles. After several precise shots, the ships that were affected by the weapon could only start drifting. It disabled all systems, except for life support. Mercenaries dragged the captured ships to orbital docking stations, where, under the supervision of armed guards, they opened the hull and captured the crew.
We recommend that we purchase this type of weapon through our channels for comprehensive research.


Parameters are shown without ship bonuses and modifiers for the 1 weapon.
The rate of fire increases depending on the number of weapons mounted on the ship, result is increased damage per second.
Some damage parameters are rounded to integer values.
Parameters Plasma Discharger 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5
DPS (EM) 903 dmg./s. +39 dmg./s. +39 dmg./s. +33 dmg./s. +27 dmg./s.
Damage (EM) 301 dmg. +13 dmg. +13 dmg. +11 dmg. +9 dmg.
Rate of fire 180 rounds/min
Critical chance 5%
Critical damage bonus 75%
Projectile speed (from-to) 5500-6500 m/s
Firing range (max.) 2650 m.
Spread (basic) 3 deg.
Overheating/cooling 7/2 s.
Cost Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Pallas Border 1462500Currency credits.png 2925000Currency credits.png 6825000Currency credits.png Manufacturing

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