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As the name indicates[1], this game mode is about elite players forming teams to battle against other elite teams in a 5v5 manner.

Rules of engagement/ how to participate:

  • Creating and disbanding a team is free and can be done anytime except in midst of an ongoing SCL event
  • A player can't join another team before exiting the one he/she currently is in
  • A player can't exit a team and join another one while SCL is ongoing
  • Ship rank requirements for SCL is 11 and above
  • The SCL event is a daily event starting in these time stamps: 16:00 UTC±0 for 2 hours, 19:00 UTC±0 for 1 hour, 21:00 UTC±0 for 2 hours, 03:00 UTC±0 for 1 hour
  • SCL teams consist of 9 members in total, including 4 possible reserve players
  • The leader does not have to be present to start the event, any member can form a wing and battle in the name of their SCL team


Since the event is team based, the rewards are distributed to the whole team equally.

1st place - Grand Champion title

2nd place - Champion title

3rd place - Master title

League finalist title is awarded for making it into top 8.

Pacifist title is awarded for not wining any battle in SCL finals.


  1. League - short for Star Conflict League or SCL, is a highly competitive team-like PvP mode