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(work in progress)

Every pilot has a profile that shows basic information about them. Name, statistics, medals, achievements, and more are all accessible through the same interface, shown on the right (insert picture on the right). Each section contains different information about the pilot. For players looking at their own profile, there are also options that allow for changing certain things.


This is the main page of the profile. It shows the pilot's name, their chosen avatar (if any), their karma level, their fleet strength (probably deserves a link), and several statistics. The statistics can be viewed as aggregate for all games, or as specific to certain ranks. Personal records for kills and assists per battle, average kills, total healing done, and other such things are displayed here. For pilots viewing their own profiles, there is also an option for changing name and avatar. The first name change is free, and subsequent changes cost 1000gs. Avatars cost (insert number here) gs each, and can be swapped freely.


This page describes the medals that a pilot has earned. (link to medals page) It can often help in assessing a pilot's behavior in battle -- if one flies frigates, fighters, or interceptors the most, for instance, or how aggressive one flies, and even how good one is at surviving. (picture!)


This page describes the achievements that a pilot has earned (link to achievements page). (pic!)


This page describes the titles that a pilot has earned, and what title they fly with. Titles are listed on the left hand side. The selected title's description and unlock requirements are listed on the right hand side. The pilot's selected title is highlighted. Titles will affect how names are displayed in battle. (picture goes here, too). For pilots viewing their own profiles, there is an option on the right hand side to select a new title.


This page describes the taunts that a pilot has bought, and what taunt they use. Taunts are listed on the left, and details are listed on the right, much like the titles page. Taunts are displayed to enemies when killed by the pilot with that taunt. For pilots viewing their own profiles, there is an option to buy and use new taunts.