PvE mission 'Ariadne's Thread'

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Ariadne's Thread image.jpg


Sector: Former Imperial sectors
System: Menar
Location: 'Blackwood' Shipyard
Min. clearance level: 7
Ship ranks: 1-17


Attention to all pilots! The UMC representative Arthur Gage offers an urgent contract. Blackwood Corporation has requested UMC assistance in protecting experimental shipyards under the control of the infamous AI ‘Ariadne’. This Ariadne AI constantly gets out of control, but representatives of the corporation claim that this time their facilities were subjected to a massive attack from the outside. Cybers are the potential enemy.

With each new start of the mission the composition of enemy units is updated. Elite enemy ships with unique modules can also join the battle and turn the tide on the battlefield. Each new pass also gives players additional tasks that reward players with additional resources for successful completion!


The stage is only one. Be careful, in case of loss of all ships, the mission will be failed.

Enemies appear infinitely in small groups after the destruction of the previous group, as well as during each subtask. Selected randomly from several types.

Tasks are activated sequentially:

Task 1 - Capture 2 beacons

Task 2 - Destroy 2 stations

Task 3 - Destroy the enemy's flagship

Additional tasks

For completing each additional task, you will receive a +10% to reward.

- Destroy the antenna silencer

- Accompany allied destroyer

- Pick up stolen containers

- Pick up the body of the deceased captain

- Destroy the hijacked destroyer

- Destroy the squad of deserters

- Destroy escaped during the experiments of the elite ships of crystallides

- Destroy a group of crystallides

Tactical map

PvE mission «'Blackwood' Shipyard» (map).jpg

Mission panorama

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