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PvP - Player versus Player, all players are always split in 2 teams and engage in combat according to the rules of 6 different game modes in 24 locations. Matches are created dynamically and could start as 3v3 and grow within 3 minutes to up to 10 vs 10 players. As a reward for participation player will obtain synergy, loyalty and credits (winning yields more), and winning team gets to loot the sectors, where various crafting materials, credits, iridium or premium ship parts could be obtained.

Skirmish game modes

Each game mode has a set of conditions and rules, available ship ranks range and can only be played on certain maps.


Depending on the rank of your ship, you may not be able to get into certain modes. The settings for available game modes for the ship ranks are changed randomly on irregular intervals, as well as available maps may change on patch-to-patch basis

Team battle

Classic version

Available ranks: 1-15

Goal: Deplete the enemy reinforcement points

Games starts with both teams having equal amount of reinforcement points, amount of points depends on how many players in the battle, and can grow if the game grows in size during hot-join 3 minutes period. Every time player dies his team loses 1 point, if player dies in own spawn area, his team loses 3 points. There are various artefact-boosts available around the map, they are available from the game start and will respawn after they were picked up. Each Artefact pickup grants a whole team a certain boost.

  • Red = Damage
  • Blue = Invulnerability
  • Yellow = Speed
  • Green = Hull repairs

Each boost type has its own timer, and can be used together.

Amount of reinforcement points depends on how many players there are in total in the game:

  • 4 players = 20pts
  • 8 players = 25pts
  • 12 players = 35pts
  • 16 players = 40pts
  • 20 players = 45pts

Survival version

Survival is a variation of a classic team battle, following same rules and mechanics, except one - each player takes 3x dmg from all sources. Currently this game mode is considered as "experimental" and may undergo changes in near future.

Capture the beacons

Capture all enemy beacons

  • Each team has 3 beacons on their side
  • Each beacon is protected by 4 guard drones
  • A beacon can only be captured when all 4 guard drones are destroyed
  • As long as a beacon has more than 0 points, it can be restored to 100. If a beacon is on 0 points, it cannot be restored anymore.
  • Limited respawn. Once the ship is destroyed, you cannot use it again in this battle
  • Capture all enemy beacons or destroy all enemy ships
  • If the time runs out, the team with most beacons captured wins
  • If both teams have the same amount of beacons remaining, the team with more kills wins the battle


Deplete all of the enemy control points

  • 3 neutral beacons are located between both spawn points Neutral beacons do not influence the control points of any team</ref>
  • Both teams start with 750 control points
  • In order to decrease the points of the enemy team, you need to capture neutral or enemy beacons and hold them. Destroying enemy ships also decreases the enemys points
  • If your team holds a beacon for a certain time, it will spawn guard drones. Max. 4 per beacon
  • A beacon can only be captured when all 4 guard drones are destroyed
  • The more beacons your team holds, the faster the enemy control points decrease
  • Each destroyed ship reduces the amount of points from the enemy team by 10
  • Unlimted respawn
  • Deplete all of the enemy control points
  • If the time runs up, the team with highest amount of points wins

Combat Recon

Destroy the enemy captain and all other players afterwards

  • From each team a captain will be selected randomly
  • The captain gets a temporary damage boost for the battle
  • Both captains can see all ships. They can also see ships hiding behind obstacles, ships being invisible and ships being out of radar range. Once the enemy captain gets killed, your whole team will see all enemy ships on these conditions
  • Unlimted respawn until your team captain dies. When your captain dies, you will be able to fly the current ship until it gets destroyed. Afterwards you won't respawn anymore in the battle
  • The team that first kills the enemy captain and all remaining players afterwards.
  • If the time runs out, the team that killed the enemy captain, wins. If both captains are dead or both alive, the team with most kills wins

Beacon Hunt

Deplete all of the enemy control points

  • The map has three neutral beacons in three different locations of the map
  • There always is only one beacon active at the same time An inactive beacon cannot be seen on the radar, it cannot be captured and it does not influence any team's control points</ref>
  • Each team has 175 control points at the start of the battle
  • You have to capture the neutral/hostile beacons
  • The beacons activate in intervals of ~80 seconds
  • Each captured beacon drains the enemy control points
  • You can repair allied beacons
  • Destroying enemy ships speeds up the depletion of enemy points
  • You can re-use your destroyed ships
  • You cannot respawn while your team controls the active beacon
  • Deplete all of the enemy control points
  • If the time runs out, the team with more control points left wins


Destroy all enemy stations

  • Each team has 3 stations on their side
  • At the beginning a neutral EM-bomb is located in the middle of the battlefield. Max. amount of bombs on the battlefield: 2
  • You need to destroy enemy stations using the bombs
  • Shooting a station won't damage it
  • In order to pick up a bomb, you need to fly close to it, within 300 metres
  • In order to plant a bomb on an enemy station you need to fly close to the station while carrying the bomb
  • While carrying the bomb, your ship speed and afterburner speed will be reduced
  • Using modules that make you invincible or invisible for a certain time or warp your ship to another location will make the bomb drop
  • Unlimited respawn
  • Destroy all enemy stations.
  • If the time runs out, the team which destroyed the most stations wins. If both teams have the same amount of stations remaining, the team with more kills wins the battle