Repair drones

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Repair drones

Type: Special module

For ship: Mole Role engineer.png


Drones restore shield and hull. When activated, sends one of the drones to the selected ally and the drone restores his shield and hull at the rate of 50 pts./s. for 30 sec.
If the selected ally's hull durability drops below 30%, the drone will restore 2500 pts. of shield and hull and then the drone explodes.
The emergency repair can happen not more than once every 50 sec. The resulting restoration value depends on target size.


  • Module production limit: 2 pcs.
  • Drone: durability: 3000 pts.
  • Drone: range: 5000 m.
  • Drone: activation preparation time: 30 s.
  • Energy consumption: 120 en.
  • Ship repairs: 120 pts./s.
  • Recharge: 10 s.

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