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Elite UMC mercenary squad welcomes you! We're blasting Aliens across all the human sectors! We're trusted with the most dangerous, almost impossible missions. And the most profitable of course. We have been watching you. You've got the experience and a certain potential. But to join our ranks, you have to complete a special task. Are you ready to look death in the eye? Then assemble a team of deadly fighters, find the best equipment, devise a strategy and practice the tactics. Then find and destroy the thing that appears out of Alien rifts and threatens to turn humanity's life in space into chaos.


Special PvE tasks, for groups of 10-12 ships. Special operations are available for two hours with two-hour breaks and alternate every other day. With the successful completion of a special operation, one guaranteed rare award is available every day.

At the moment there are 3 special operations: The Defiler, Return to Eden and The Alien Destroyer. The last is divided into 3 levels by rank (7-9, 10-12 and 13-17).

Unlike other missions, the Special Operation is only available every 2 hours (for 2 hours). Also, unlike most other PvE missions, there are no steps, so the ship is given only one (for each pilot). However, you can be reborn with Duplicator. There are stages. They are not indicated in any way, but they are still there, with their goals and small differences.

To participate in the "Special Operations" requires well-equipped ships, the ideal tactics and interaction between the pilots.

List of spec ops

Mission Available ranks Task

Days Features
Alien destroyer.jpg The Alien Destroyer 7 - 17 Destroy The Alien Destroyer and protect the outposts. tues., satur., sund. The most difficult mission, passed only by specially assembled wing.
The defiler.jpg The Defiler 10 - 17 Destroy all aliens. wedn., frid., sund. Difficult mission, passed only by specially assembled wing.
Return to Eden.jpg Return to Eden 13 - 17 Cover the Ellydium dreadnought "Defiant" until it collects data on The Devourer. mon., thur., sund. Difficult mission, passed only by specially assembled wing.

Schedule of Special Operation

(all times UTC)


  • 00:00-01:00 Destroyer,
  • 01:00-03:00 Defiler,
  • 03:00-05:00 Return to Eden,
  • 05:00-07:00 Defiler,
  • 07:00-09:00 Destroyer,
  • 09:00-11:00 Return to Eden,
  • 11:00-13:00 Destroyer,
  • 13:00-15:00 Defiler,
  • 15:00-17:00 Return to Eden,
  • 17:00-19:00 Defiler,
  • 19:00-21:00 Destroyer,
  • 21:00-23:00 Return to Eden,
  • 23:00-0:00 Destroyer