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* 50 slots total: 8m {{CR}}
* 50 slots total: 8m {{CR}}
* 60 slots total: 10m {{CR}}
* 60 slots total: 10m {{CR}}
* 70 slots total: 15m {{CR}}
* 80 slots total: 20m {{CR}}
* 90 slots total: 30m {{CR}}
* 100 slots total: 40m {{CR}}
* more slots: TBC
* more slots: TBC

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Seed-chips are new modules with random parameters and random characteristics that improve weapons and damage abilities of the ship.
The first Seed-chips appeared when access to the Artuga system was opened. Enclave pirates distribute their products to mercenaries using covert delivery routes.
Studies in UMC laboratories have shown that Seed-chips change the key characteristics of ship modules in a special way. Each Seed-chip is unique and influences changes in its own way. The special technology of merging Seed-chips allows pilots to obtain Seed-chips with better characteristics.
Sources and production technologies of Seed-chips are still not clear, therefore their use is allowed only in battles against AI, in PvE missions and Open Space. Pilots should install pirate technology at their own risk!


  • Seed-chips can be found in Open Space in containers, after the destruction of Pirate and Alien Destroyers and in trophy search after battles.
  • Seed-chips have 4 classes, indicated both both the chip's icon background colour, and also the colour of the bullet points stating the effects of the chip in its tooltip.
    • “Common” - grey background, 4 grey bullet points. Can be dismantled from a ship for Currency credits.png
    • “Balanced” - blue background, 1 blue and 3 grey bullet points. Can be dismantled from a ship for Currency credits.png
    • “Special” - gold background, 1 yellow and 3 grey bullet points. Can be dismantled from a ship for GS.png
    • “Exceptional” - red background, 2 yellow and 3 grey bullet points. Can be dismantled from a ship for GS.png
  • Each chip has a rank, and may only be installed on ships of the same or higher rank.
  • All seed-chips give 4 random positive effects (5 for Exceptional class chips) to the ship on which they are installed, and all Balanced chips also give 1 negative effect, these will be shown in the chip's tooltip. The magnitudes of the effects are random, but the average magnitude increases with the rank of the chip.
  • Seed-chips can be upgraded by combining them with other chips to get chips with better effects. This results in a chip of the same class but higher Mk, which is indicated by the coloured bar below the chip's icon: Mk. 1 (white), Mk. 2 (green), Mk. 3 (blue), Mk. 4 (purple).
  • Up to five Seed-chips can be installed on a ship. The maximum number of chips that a ship can take depends on the ship's rank, starting with 1 slot in rank 4 ships.
  • When removing a chip from a ship you may either destroy the chip for free or "dismantle" it if you want to receive the chip back in your storage. Dismantling costs an amount of Currency credits.png or GS.png (shown in the tooltip of the chip and increases with the class of the chip).


Seed-chips are stored in a storage separate to all other items. Initially a player has room for 10 chips, but upgrade the storage capacity in batches of 10 slots with an increasing cost:

  • 10 slots total: starting number of slots
  • 20 slots total: 1m Currency credits.png
  • 30 slots total: 2m Currency credits.png
  • 40 slots total: 4m Currency credits.png
  • 50 slots total: 8m Currency credits.png
  • 60 slots total: 10m Currency credits.png
  • 70 slots total: 15m Currency credits.png
  • 80 slots total: 20m Currency credits.png
  • 90 slots total: 30m Currency credits.png
  • 100 slots total: 40m Currency credits.png
  • more slots: TBC